Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Rain Rain Go Away...

Today is my 10th day in Seattle, and it has been raining practically every day.
Oh Rain Rain, go away,
Its time for Kimi to come out and play.
We only had one sun break or two and then it rains again in the evenings and night. Oh when will I be able to go out and play?

The weather is really getting me down. Mum takes me out on walks in the rain, but I really hate the rain. I try my best to run back into the house but not until I've peed and pooped. I've been so frustrated I had to vent it out somewhere, and mum's arms and legs seem like a really good start. She keeps telling me, "No, No bite". And she puts me in a time out in the kitchen behind the baby gate. Oh how boring.

Lucky for me, I sleep a lot during the day and night so its not too bad, but I'm getting more and more active as I'm growing, so I really hope the rain will go away soon. Mum says the rain will go away on the 6th Feb, but wow, that's a long time away....

Monday, January 30, 2006

Sunday - Maiden voyage to New Home

On Sunday morning, dad and mum decided to take me on my maiden voyage to visit our new house being built on Cougar Mountain. The house is not ready yet, but dad thinks very soon, we'll be able to move in. This place is nice because there are walking trails into the forest right at our doorstep. Oh, I can't wait.

This is how mum carries me around now while I am a small puppy. Construction home sites are not safe for puppies so I've got to be carried around. This is also how I go to Fred Meyer, the Post office, Dad's office, the vets, parks, pet shops, you name it. Mum says its safer for me this way. I wonder why...

At lunch, mum decided to let me try out a turkey neck. But I really don't know how to eat a turkey neck, so I just lick at it for 20 mins, till my tongue gets tired and mum puts it away.

9 Weeks old - The Attack on Wrap

On Saturday, dad's frame for his arcade machine project arrived. With it, there were huge amounts of bubble wrap and plastic wrap. Oh boy, did I have some fun. Dad laid it all out on the living room carpet and the kitchen floor so I could get a good romp. Mum said it was good for me to feel the texture and play with the round airy bobs that go "pop pop pop" as we step on them. I wasn't scared at all of the loud air bobs bursting. I was having such fun with dad.

As you can see, my dad is a really great guy, he thinks of all kinds of things which can be my toys. Bubble wrap shouldn't be wasted, they need to become toys for me. As long as someone watches me as I play, there is nothing to be scared of. I love running all over on the bubble wrap, hearing the shuffling noises and the "pop, pop, pop".

Dad encourages me to bite the air bobs, and burst them so that I can hear the sounds, its fun.

This is a picture of me and my dad. Guess you now know why I'm so handsome, I got it from dad, who else?

And this is a picture of me and mum.

First Weekend in Seattle

This weekend, I become 9 weeks old. How time flies. What a week I've had! Rain, rain and more rain. The winds were howling and the night-time sounds were grumbling. It has been so freaky! It wasn't pleasant at all, no siree! Mum says it rains a lot in Seattle, but that doesn't mean I can't pee outside. In fact, she takes me out to pee and poop very often in the rain, but I say, "mum.... the rain is scary" but nopes, she won't let me in till I pee or poop.
Then about 2 nights ago on Friday, Seattle had a winter storm, and it was truly a scary winter storm. Winds were rushing by like WHHOOOSH, and rubbish bins were toppling over and I was so frightened, I just couldn't pee or poop outside. I wanted to run straight back in. Then dad decided to put some newspapers in the kitchen for me, but mum said this is only for when the weather is bad. So you can see, mum is the strict one, dad is the funny nice one.

Saturday, January 28, 2006

RawFed Schnauzers

I'm not the first baby that my mum has started to feed raw meaty bones or to follow the prey model diet. Back in Singapore, where mum used to live with her parents, they have 2 miniature schnauzers, and they have been successfully been fed raw too. For more pictures of Cookie and Whiskey, scroll down below.
Here are some pictures of Cookie and Whiskey.

Back in the early days, about 2004, mum started researching and learning more about this healthy diet for dogs. And cats too. It was hard for her to convince her mum, who is the matriach of the family (and nana to the minis) that they should switch to raw. There was a lot of resistance, but eventually, mum managed to convince granma and all is well.
Mum remembers those days when Cookie and Whiskey had to be switched from home cooked meals to raw. They were hesitant to start eating raw and they didn't really know how. Cookie was the first one to pick up a wing and start chewing it with his back molars. Whiskey watched and followed suit. They both had severe flatulence, wet stools and diarrhea for about 5 days, and then it suddenly cleared up. It was magic. Their poop became tiny, odourless and their skin began to improve (Cookie used to have very sensitive skin). Last year, both dogs went to the vet to get their teeth cleaned for the first time in their lives. The vet removed 1 decayed tooth from Cookie and 2 from Whiskey. We now understand why Whiskey was always not keen on boney bits, because it hurt him when he had to chew them. Until he had them removed, he was always reluctant, but now he has no more problems.
I hope I'll be as brave and strong like Cookie and Whiskey. I have no problems eating raw meaty bones, I just wish my stomach would stop causing me to poop so often and cause such a mess. I can see mum gets so worried and concerned when I poop wet mucous and blood in my poop.

Friday, January 27, 2006

Day 5 - Day Trip to Fred Meyer

This morning, mum brought me to Fred Meyer. She said we were going to get some ground turkey that was 99% fat free, and she's going to cook up a new recipe for me. Oh wow, I thought, I get to go on a day trip and also get to eat new food. What did I do to deserve this? Must be because I'm such an extraodinary airedale. Being me comes with its perks. Mum said I had to eat something to get some good nutrients into my body - without them all getting flushed out from my bottom. So I had turkey, ground baby carrots and ground brocoli and it was delicious. I finished up everything.
My breeder also notified all my brothers' and sisters' new owners that some of the other puppies were also getting sick with diarrhea and she explained that we all had well water in CA, but now being in the cities, we were all drinking different water and that's why we're getting sick. My mum was so smart, she changed my water to distilled mineral water. But I still couldn't tell the difference in the taste. Oh well... Maybe humans have better taste buds than us dogs.

Riding in the trolley was a fun thing to do. And no one except the cashier seemed to notice me. Guess I was just too tiny. This place called Fred Meyer is huge, and I'd like to go there again, but mum said that soon I won't be able to anymore, because I'm going to be big, and I won't fit into the carrier anymore. Guess I'd better cherish all my chances now while I can.

Day 4 - The Healing Crisis

I'm fairly sick today. I've been spending a lot of time in bed sleeping and resting, both in the crate bed and at my bedroom bed. I haven't had much energy to do anything else, except to eat, pee and poop. I don't even feel like playing or biting mum's toes and fingers.

I know at some point in time in the afternoon, mum headed to the post office and then to a special pet shop to buy me turkey necks. And all this while I was napping and feeling so groggy in the hand carrier bag. Some people saw me and commented that I'm so cute, and what a life to be a puppy. But I was sick, of course mum has to take care of me all the hours of the day and night. She even slept on the floor next to my doggie bed to monitor me throughout the night, because I had to wake up every hour to poo. Oh, its so hard on me. Oh yes, poor mummy too.
Mum says during the healing crisis, this is normal.
  1. Lethargy
  2. Sleepiness
  3. Nausea
  4. Diarrhea and runny stools
  5. Disinterest in toys or playing
  6. Overall sickliness

The following pics are examples of my runny stools. Its only a tiny amount but extremely watery and soft. There isn't much odour either, and mum says this will pass shortly.

In the middle of the night, when I need to go poo, I will stand up on the side of my bed, and whimper a little. I want to let mum know its time to go downstairs again. She always wakes up and takes me down. She says I've been such a good boy because I stay in my own bagel bed and not wander around the room. Sometimes I can't get to sleep and I toss and turn in my bed in the middle of the night, making tiny whimpering noises because my stomach aches. Mummy soothes me and loves me and takes me down to pee and poo and she strokes me back to sleep. I love my mummy so much.

Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Day 3 - The Poop Investigation

Mum is an advocate of pets following closely to the "Prey Model Diet", some people call it the "Ultimate Diet", others call it the "Natural Diet". Whatever they call it, the most important thing is its working for me. I've been fed raw food for 3 days now, and over these 3 days, mum decided that it would be useful to collect a photo sample of all my poop to show what happens when a kibble fed dog converts to being raw fed.
I'm still in the "healing crisis" phase now, where my body is adjusting to eating natural foods. Ever since Monday (today is Wed) when I started eating raw, I've been a bit lethargic, and I don't poop as often as I used to when I ate kibble. I've also vomitted twice but it isn't anything serious. I've been sleeping a lot more, but my appetite is still very good. I still play vigorously and love going for walks and playing with empty plastic bottles. Mum says the transition phase should end about one weeks time. That's great news.

This picture above was taken the evening I arrived in Seattle. I used to eat kibble. Can you imagine? I'm only 8 weeks old, but I've got so much poop. My poop stinks badly, the texture is mushy and soft, and its a lot of poop!!
This photo above was taken early the next morning during my early morning walk.

Picture of a poop during the "Healing Crisis" phase. This photo was taken on the 2nd day I started eating Raw.

Notice how the poop is semi hard, but also running and loose. Some of my other poop is so loose that it is watery and it comes seeping out and oozing out. Unfortunately, mum didn't have her camera with her when my poop was watery. There are also bits of undigested bone in the poop but as you can see from my poop, it is becoming partially harder and the amount has decreased a lot. Having undigested bone pieces in my poop is normal, and it doesn't cause me any harm.

Today we had a breakthrough. Most of my poop has changed into something that looks like pellets, or long thin fingers. And I normally have only 1 or 2 pieces coming out of my bottom.

They don't have any odour, and are harder and easier to clean up. Mum was so relieved when she saw that I had hard poop. Why you ask? Well, I couldn't hold it any longer this morning, and I pooped on the carpet in the house. Mum and Dad weren't upset with me, because I'm only a puppy and when nature calls, I just have to answer. Mum was even happier because she wouldn't need to clean up a big mess. My hard poop was so easy to pick up, and she just needed to disinfect the carpet.

The best part about eating raw is its so easy to prepare. Mum just opens the packaging, cut it up a little and serve as is right from the fridge. This evening, I had 2 raw eggs and their shells, and also some cod liver oil and colostrum as supplements. Mum has decided to go the holistic way, and instead of having too many vaccinations, I'll be strengthening my immune system the natural way.

Day 2 - A Walk in the Park

Everyday, mummy or daddy walk me around the neighbourhood. Its a noisy neighbourhood because there are lots of trucks and workers building new houses all around. There are sounds of hammer guns, pounding noises and trucks moving to and fro. Mummy says its good I get to see all the giant machines and get to know the people who build all these nice homes. They are very loud but there's nothing to be afraid of, and she's right.

Its a beautiful day at the park, so I'm romping around while mum takes some nice happy photos of me. Mum says we must make full use of the beautiful sunny weather before the rain comes again tomorrow.
Today I also learn how to climb stairs. So far, I can only climb up, about 20 steps, but mum says I'm doing well, and I do so without lures and treats. This is great.

I went to daddy's office today, and mummy and I brought him lunch. He was so happy to see us. Everyone at the office thought I was cute, but I was asleep when we arrived and mum woke me up to show everyone how extraordinary I was. Its tough being so good looking. Everyone wanted to touch me and kiss me.

I was still so groggy I didn't really know what was going on. Daddy seems tired and mum seems tired too. I think Mum hasn't been having enough sleep because she has to watch me and constantly take me out to the grass to pee and poop. She hasn't had more than 3 hours of sleep at one go. Poor mum. She naps when I nap in the afternoon, but she still has to stay half awake because if I wake up in the crate, then I'll need to go pee immediately, and she must take me out.

Mum got me a thing called a tunnel. I can run through it, hide in it and play with my toys inside. It rolls around so I have to balance myself when I am in there. Its not easy but it sure is fun. Mum threw the firehose into the tunnel to lure me in to get it. I wasn't scared or anything, I just didn't know what is was. When I realized it wasn't going to hurt me, it was fun exploring and playing with it.

Day 1 - Raw Meaty Bones

Today, mummy says its time for me to eat real food, no more kibble. Daddy says eating kibble is like eating french fries every day, and eating raw food is like eating veggies and healthy stuff everyday. What's the obvious choice for me??

At first mummy was concerned thinking that I might not like chicken. But I was a brave boy. The moment she put it in front of my face, I went forward to lick it. I was licking it for a long time, and I still felt hungry. Then, I was so hungry I just put the entire thing into my mouth, and used my back teeth (aka molars) to chew the chicken wing. First the right side, then move it to the left side. Yummy, delicious. But after 45 mins, I only ate one chicken wing. I was still hungry but I was too tired to chew anymore.

At lunch time, mum got smarter. She figured out that I am a baby, my teeth and gums aren't strong enough. So she took a mallet and hammered away at the bones till it was all crunchy in the meat. That way, I don't have to chew for so long and I get to strengthen my teeth, gums and jaw muscles as I get better at this. I took only 20 mins to eat lunch, and 4 chicken wings this time. I also learnt that if I put my paw on the piece of meat, then its much easier to pull the meat away from the bones. Its much better than flinging my head from side to side.

Today is also the first day I learn to sleep in a crate. Its a really nice soft bed and lots of toys in a small area where I can feel safe and secure. Mummy left the door open and so I felt I could come touch her and smell her whenever I felt like it. Not that she's far away, she's right in front of me on her computer as usual. She puts my crate right next to her in the dining area so I can keep an eye on her all the time. I'm still a baby and I don't like being left alone. I start to cry when I can't see mummy.

Eventually, I became so comfortable that I resume my favorite sleeping position, which is on my back like a real boy. I love having all my toys around me, because I chew on them till I fall asleep. See the fire hose? Its my favorite toy.

Monday, January 23, 2006

Jan 22nd Sunday - Yeah! We're Home

Hi all, we're finally home. Daddy starting setting up a baby gate between the kitchen and the living room. Being a good boy, I decided I would "help out". I carried all the packets of knobs and things all over the house so that it'll be easier for daddy to organize them but I think he didn't appreciate my help at all.

I really like my new home. I heard it rains 365 days a year in Seattle, but I think its only a rumour. The skies were clear and the stars came out when I arrived and it was so lovely. Mummy bought me an adult sized crate but I didn't really want to go in. She put my toys in there and some treats too, so I went in just to make her happy. I didn't sleep there though, mummy bought me a nice big bagel bed and I sleep right next to Mummy'd side of the bed. Daddy said dogs aren't allowed on beds, and I didn't see mummy disagree. She said I'm going to grow up into a big boy and there won't be any space for all 3 of us. So I was happy in my bagel bed.

When I arrived, I was really excited. There was so many new smells and textures and things to taste and put into my mouth. I have this new fire hose toy which I love to chew and fling and its indestructable. We'll see about that. My first night in my real home, I behaved myself very well. I slept most of the night, but I couldn't sleep after the 2nd pee break at 2am and I tossed and turned the hour away till it was 3.45pm and the 3rd pee break. Mummy has to wake up every 2 hours to take me out to pee, can you imagine how hard it must be for her? I wonder...

I wanted to try my hand at interior designing so I decided that the floor mat wasn't so pretty at the doorway. Better that it becomes my chew toy. Mummy didn't think it was very nice, so she took the floor mat and put it back at the unsightly place near the door. Sigh... I'll have to try taking it when she isn't noticing.

Then I found two very interesting items, which I've never seen before. One was called an African Drum and the other was an Australian Didgeridoo. I tried to play on it but it toppled over, Daddy said the two special items will have to go to the garage, it won't be nice if they fell on me. Maybe when I'm older, I can try again.

Jan 21st Saturday - Going to New Home

Hi All,
Today I go to my new home in Seattle. My brothers and sisters are all going our seperate ways to our new forever homes. Its going to be so exciting.

This is a photo of me and my daddy, he is seeing me for the very first time. I love how my daddy smells and he loves to play with me. He is very gentle with me and he loves me very much. Mummy came along too, but she's behind the camera. I'm told that I'm the biggest boy of the entire litter, but I'm mellow, full of spunk, and very loving.

Daddy said our journey from CA to WA is going to take 2 days worth of car rides. Wowee. I didn't puke, or cry or whine. I felt like a brave boy, and I didn't even have one pee or poop accident in the car or motel room. I was so well behaved. I've got to impress my new parents of course. Mummy took turns with daddy to sit at the backseat to play with me, and keep me occupied. But I slept most of the way. They stopped to let me pee and poo every two hours and I was very comfortable and good. Below are some pics of me in the car. Mummy took a photo of me while I was sleeping with my mouth wide open. She thinks I look funny, but I think I was just too comfortable.

Seattle must be very far away, because we passed many mountains and even a few lakes and still we haven't arrived home. Lucky for me, I had many nice toys and chew things to keep my busy mind occupied. I tried to be on my best behavior, and I think my parents are convinced that they made the right choice in picking me from the litter. Tonight, we will stay over at a motel in Redding and then tomorrow we will continue on our journey north.