Saturday, January 28, 2006

RawFed Schnauzers

I'm not the first baby that my mum has started to feed raw meaty bones or to follow the prey model diet. Back in Singapore, where mum used to live with her parents, they have 2 miniature schnauzers, and they have been successfully been fed raw too. For more pictures of Cookie and Whiskey, scroll down below.
Here are some pictures of Cookie and Whiskey.

Back in the early days, about 2004, mum started researching and learning more about this healthy diet for dogs. And cats too. It was hard for her to convince her mum, who is the matriach of the family (and nana to the minis) that they should switch to raw. There was a lot of resistance, but eventually, mum managed to convince granma and all is well.
Mum remembers those days when Cookie and Whiskey had to be switched from home cooked meals to raw. They were hesitant to start eating raw and they didn't really know how. Cookie was the first one to pick up a wing and start chewing it with his back molars. Whiskey watched and followed suit. They both had severe flatulence, wet stools and diarrhea for about 5 days, and then it suddenly cleared up. It was magic. Their poop became tiny, odourless and their skin began to improve (Cookie used to have very sensitive skin). Last year, both dogs went to the vet to get their teeth cleaned for the first time in their lives. The vet removed 1 decayed tooth from Cookie and 2 from Whiskey. We now understand why Whiskey was always not keen on boney bits, because it hurt him when he had to chew them. Until he had them removed, he was always reluctant, but now he has no more problems.
I hope I'll be as brave and strong like Cookie and Whiskey. I have no problems eating raw meaty bones, I just wish my stomach would stop causing me to poop so often and cause such a mess. I can see mum gets so worried and concerned when I poop wet mucous and blood in my poop.


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