Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Day 3 - The Poop Investigation

Mum is an advocate of pets following closely to the "Prey Model Diet", some people call it the "Ultimate Diet", others call it the "Natural Diet". Whatever they call it, the most important thing is its working for me. I've been fed raw food for 3 days now, and over these 3 days, mum decided that it would be useful to collect a photo sample of all my poop to show what happens when a kibble fed dog converts to being raw fed.
I'm still in the "healing crisis" phase now, where my body is adjusting to eating natural foods. Ever since Monday (today is Wed) when I started eating raw, I've been a bit lethargic, and I don't poop as often as I used to when I ate kibble. I've also vomitted twice but it isn't anything serious. I've been sleeping a lot more, but my appetite is still very good. I still play vigorously and love going for walks and playing with empty plastic bottles. Mum says the transition phase should end about one weeks time. That's great news.

This picture above was taken the evening I arrived in Seattle. I used to eat kibble. Can you imagine? I'm only 8 weeks old, but I've got so much poop. My poop stinks badly, the texture is mushy and soft, and its a lot of poop!!
This photo above was taken early the next morning during my early morning walk.

Picture of a poop during the "Healing Crisis" phase. This photo was taken on the 2nd day I started eating Raw.

Notice how the poop is semi hard, but also running and loose. Some of my other poop is so loose that it is watery and it comes seeping out and oozing out. Unfortunately, mum didn't have her camera with her when my poop was watery. There are also bits of undigested bone in the poop but as you can see from my poop, it is becoming partially harder and the amount has decreased a lot. Having undigested bone pieces in my poop is normal, and it doesn't cause me any harm.

Today we had a breakthrough. Most of my poop has changed into something that looks like pellets, or long thin fingers. And I normally have only 1 or 2 pieces coming out of my bottom.

They don't have any odour, and are harder and easier to clean up. Mum was so relieved when she saw that I had hard poop. Why you ask? Well, I couldn't hold it any longer this morning, and I pooped on the carpet in the house. Mum and Dad weren't upset with me, because I'm only a puppy and when nature calls, I just have to answer. Mum was even happier because she wouldn't need to clean up a big mess. My hard poop was so easy to pick up, and she just needed to disinfect the carpet.

The best part about eating raw is its so easy to prepare. Mum just opens the packaging, cut it up a little and serve as is right from the fridge. This evening, I had 2 raw eggs and their shells, and also some cod liver oil and colostrum as supplements. Mum has decided to go the holistic way, and instead of having too many vaccinations, I'll be strengthening my immune system the natural way.


At 12:16 PM, Blogger Bogart said...

Hi Kimi!!!!

Welcome home!!! You're such a cutie-pie, makes my airedale heart go thumpety-thump. While most humans might find the poop post kinda icky, I found it fascinating. I eat a lot of homemade food too, but if I eat too much I get diarrhea, so I have to eat some good dry food too. But then again I really like any food that's not dog food!!!

All the best - have happy times!!!



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