Monday, December 26, 2005

The Miniature Schnauzers

My Mummy Sheila, decided to post about 2 very special Miniature Schnauzers. Back in Singapore, where my mummy came from, her family has 2 pepper salt Minis.

Cookie was added to the family in 2001, when he was a young 8 week old puppy. He was so perfect, that the family decided to add another puppy a year later, from the same breeder. That's when Whiskey came to the family, also as a young 8 week old puppy. In 2006, Cookie will be 5 years old (Aug 4th 2001 birthday) and Whiskey will be 4 (Sept 24th 2002 birthday).

Mummy says that because of these two wonderful Schnauzers, she fell in love with the breed and has decided that I will get my own Giant Schnauzer baby sister some day. I wondered why then am I an Airedale boy, and not a Giant Schnauzer boy, but apparently, Daddy decided that the family's "first born" shall be an Airedale, and not just any airedale, a super airedale. That's where I come in. Go Daddy!!

Mummy says that when I'm a good boy, she'll bring home a baby sister Giant Schnauzer to keep me company, and for me to play with (read: torture). What are baby sisters for anyway if not for torturing and playing with?? he he he

Ok, so mummy reminisces, and tells me that Cookie and Whiskey are very loving brothers to one another. Both are extremely loving, caring and intelligent. However, they are also different, Cookie is more serious and more the 'thinker' and he doesn't care much for bugs and such. Whiskey is the adventuror, he takes it upon himself as the official bug exterminator, and loves to play. He teases Cookie with new toys and plays "Catch me if you can". Seems like its really nice to have a brother or sister to play with when I grow up. I hope my baby Giant Schnauzer sister comes to our home quickly.

That's Whiskey in Mummy's laps. He's a real treasure.

According to Mummy, Cookie and Whiskey share a very special bond. Cookie helped to toilet train Whiskey, and they are extremely close. I can tell that someday, when I get my baby sister, I will love her dearly too.

Love, Kimi


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