Monday, November 28, 2005

So This Is My World....

Everyone thought we'd pop out on the 30th Nov 2005, but guess what? My brothers, sisters and I decided that a Sunday, Nov 27th would be the perfect date to be welcomed into this beautiful world. Yippeee.... Its my birthday.
My litter has 5 boys and 4 girls, and I'm one of those 5. My humans are thrilled to receive Terry's email that I've been born, they had no idea till Monday evening. Granpa (Mummy Sheila's papa) has a theory that over the cosmos, emotions, thoughts and well-wishes can be transmitted over time, distance and obstacles. I say this because I can certainly feel my mummy's immense love for me, and her joy bubbling up. My daddy was also thrilled to hear I arrived early. And they haven't even seen me yet. I came as a surprise!
Mummy Sheila will be posting pics of me as I grow up, so stay tuned. Cheerio!


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