Monday, January 23, 2006

Jan 21st Saturday - Going to New Home

Hi All,
Today I go to my new home in Seattle. My brothers and sisters are all going our seperate ways to our new forever homes. Its going to be so exciting.

This is a photo of me and my daddy, he is seeing me for the very first time. I love how my daddy smells and he loves to play with me. He is very gentle with me and he loves me very much. Mummy came along too, but she's behind the camera. I'm told that I'm the biggest boy of the entire litter, but I'm mellow, full of spunk, and very loving.

Daddy said our journey from CA to WA is going to take 2 days worth of car rides. Wowee. I didn't puke, or cry or whine. I felt like a brave boy, and I didn't even have one pee or poop accident in the car or motel room. I was so well behaved. I've got to impress my new parents of course. Mummy took turns with daddy to sit at the backseat to play with me, and keep me occupied. But I slept most of the way. They stopped to let me pee and poo every two hours and I was very comfortable and good. Below are some pics of me in the car. Mummy took a photo of me while I was sleeping with my mouth wide open. She thinks I look funny, but I think I was just too comfortable.

Seattle must be very far away, because we passed many mountains and even a few lakes and still we haven't arrived home. Lucky for me, I had many nice toys and chew things to keep my busy mind occupied. I tried to be on my best behavior, and I think my parents are convinced that they made the right choice in picking me from the litter. Tonight, we will stay over at a motel in Redding and then tomorrow we will continue on our journey north.


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