Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Day 1 - Raw Meaty Bones

Today, mummy says its time for me to eat real food, no more kibble. Daddy says eating kibble is like eating french fries every day, and eating raw food is like eating veggies and healthy stuff everyday. What's the obvious choice for me??

At first mummy was concerned thinking that I might not like chicken. But I was a brave boy. The moment she put it in front of my face, I went forward to lick it. I was licking it for a long time, and I still felt hungry. Then, I was so hungry I just put the entire thing into my mouth, and used my back teeth (aka molars) to chew the chicken wing. First the right side, then move it to the left side. Yummy, delicious. But after 45 mins, I only ate one chicken wing. I was still hungry but I was too tired to chew anymore.

At lunch time, mum got smarter. She figured out that I am a baby, my teeth and gums aren't strong enough. So she took a mallet and hammered away at the bones till it was all crunchy in the meat. That way, I don't have to chew for so long and I get to strengthen my teeth, gums and jaw muscles as I get better at this. I took only 20 mins to eat lunch, and 4 chicken wings this time. I also learnt that if I put my paw on the piece of meat, then its much easier to pull the meat away from the bones. Its much better than flinging my head from side to side.

Today is also the first day I learn to sleep in a crate. Its a really nice soft bed and lots of toys in a small area where I can feel safe and secure. Mummy left the door open and so I felt I could come touch her and smell her whenever I felt like it. Not that she's far away, she's right in front of me on her computer as usual. She puts my crate right next to her in the dining area so I can keep an eye on her all the time. I'm still a baby and I don't like being left alone. I start to cry when I can't see mummy.

Eventually, I became so comfortable that I resume my favorite sleeping position, which is on my back like a real boy. I love having all my toys around me, because I chew on them till I fall asleep. See the fire hose? Its my favorite toy.


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