Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Day 2 - A Walk in the Park

Everyday, mummy or daddy walk me around the neighbourhood. Its a noisy neighbourhood because there are lots of trucks and workers building new houses all around. There are sounds of hammer guns, pounding noises and trucks moving to and fro. Mummy says its good I get to see all the giant machines and get to know the people who build all these nice homes. They are very loud but there's nothing to be afraid of, and she's right.

Its a beautiful day at the park, so I'm romping around while mum takes some nice happy photos of me. Mum says we must make full use of the beautiful sunny weather before the rain comes again tomorrow.
Today I also learn how to climb stairs. So far, I can only climb up, about 20 steps, but mum says I'm doing well, and I do so without lures and treats. This is great.

I went to daddy's office today, and mummy and I brought him lunch. He was so happy to see us. Everyone at the office thought I was cute, but I was asleep when we arrived and mum woke me up to show everyone how extraordinary I was. Its tough being so good looking. Everyone wanted to touch me and kiss me.

I was still so groggy I didn't really know what was going on. Daddy seems tired and mum seems tired too. I think Mum hasn't been having enough sleep because she has to watch me and constantly take me out to the grass to pee and poop. She hasn't had more than 3 hours of sleep at one go. Poor mum. She naps when I nap in the afternoon, but she still has to stay half awake because if I wake up in the crate, then I'll need to go pee immediately, and she must take me out.

Mum got me a thing called a tunnel. I can run through it, hide in it and play with my toys inside. It rolls around so I have to balance myself when I am in there. Its not easy but it sure is fun. Mum threw the firehose into the tunnel to lure me in to get it. I wasn't scared or anything, I just didn't know what is was. When I realized it wasn't going to hurt me, it was fun exploring and playing with it.


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