Friday, January 27, 2006

Day 5 - Day Trip to Fred Meyer

This morning, mum brought me to Fred Meyer. She said we were going to get some ground turkey that was 99% fat free, and she's going to cook up a new recipe for me. Oh wow, I thought, I get to go on a day trip and also get to eat new food. What did I do to deserve this? Must be because I'm such an extraodinary airedale. Being me comes with its perks. Mum said I had to eat something to get some good nutrients into my body - without them all getting flushed out from my bottom. So I had turkey, ground baby carrots and ground brocoli and it was delicious. I finished up everything.
My breeder also notified all my brothers' and sisters' new owners that some of the other puppies were also getting sick with diarrhea and she explained that we all had well water in CA, but now being in the cities, we were all drinking different water and that's why we're getting sick. My mum was so smart, she changed my water to distilled mineral water. But I still couldn't tell the difference in the taste. Oh well... Maybe humans have better taste buds than us dogs.

Riding in the trolley was a fun thing to do. And no one except the cashier seemed to notice me. Guess I was just too tiny. This place called Fred Meyer is huge, and I'd like to go there again, but mum said that soon I won't be able to anymore, because I'm going to be big, and I won't fit into the carrier anymore. Guess I'd better cherish all my chances now while I can.


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