Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Rain Rain Go Away...

Today is my 10th day in Seattle, and it has been raining practically every day.
Oh Rain Rain, go away,
Its time for Kimi to come out and play.
We only had one sun break or two and then it rains again in the evenings and night. Oh when will I be able to go out and play?

The weather is really getting me down. Mum takes me out on walks in the rain, but I really hate the rain. I try my best to run back into the house but not until I've peed and pooped. I've been so frustrated I had to vent it out somewhere, and mum's arms and legs seem like a really good start. She keeps telling me, "No, No bite". And she puts me in a time out in the kitchen behind the baby gate. Oh how boring.

Lucky for me, I sleep a lot during the day and night so its not too bad, but I'm getting more and more active as I'm growing, so I really hope the rain will go away soon. Mum says the rain will go away on the 6th Feb, but wow, that's a long time away....


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