Monday, January 30, 2006

Sunday - Maiden voyage to New Home

On Sunday morning, dad and mum decided to take me on my maiden voyage to visit our new house being built on Cougar Mountain. The house is not ready yet, but dad thinks very soon, we'll be able to move in. This place is nice because there are walking trails into the forest right at our doorstep. Oh, I can't wait.

This is how mum carries me around now while I am a small puppy. Construction home sites are not safe for puppies so I've got to be carried around. This is also how I go to Fred Meyer, the Post office, Dad's office, the vets, parks, pet shops, you name it. Mum says its safer for me this way. I wonder why...

At lunch, mum decided to let me try out a turkey neck. But I really don't know how to eat a turkey neck, so I just lick at it for 20 mins, till my tongue gets tired and mum puts it away.


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