Monday, January 30, 2006

First Weekend in Seattle

This weekend, I become 9 weeks old. How time flies. What a week I've had! Rain, rain and more rain. The winds were howling and the night-time sounds were grumbling. It has been so freaky! It wasn't pleasant at all, no siree! Mum says it rains a lot in Seattle, but that doesn't mean I can't pee outside. In fact, she takes me out to pee and poop very often in the rain, but I say, "mum.... the rain is scary" but nopes, she won't let me in till I pee or poop.
Then about 2 nights ago on Friday, Seattle had a winter storm, and it was truly a scary winter storm. Winds were rushing by like WHHOOOSH, and rubbish bins were toppling over and I was so frightened, I just couldn't pee or poop outside. I wanted to run straight back in. Then dad decided to put some newspapers in the kitchen for me, but mum said this is only for when the weather is bad. So you can see, mum is the strict one, dad is the funny nice one.


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