Wednesday, December 31, 2008

A Snowy Christmasy Winter

This winter has been amazing. Snow and freezing temperatures make it fun to jump around in the yard. Mum lets me go out to the yard to play with the snow. We attempted to play catch with a tennis ball, but it kept getting lost in the deep snow, and Mum had to end up searching and she gave up. But I didn't mind.
Going to the mailbox to check if the mail came despite the snow. Nope, no mail service for a whole week! I didn't get a chance to bark at the mail person at all.

The snow was at least a foot deep. I went on my regular rounds, marking my favorite trees, regardless of the weather.

Play ball anyone?

After all the outdoor venturing, it was also nice to snuggle on my favorite couch.

Christmas Day was a blast! Rob presented me with a present, but he said we had to open it after dinner.

Then Mum tied me up with a bow, so that I could look like a present too. She said I was her present from God.

Christmas means lots of food... yummy.. Rob and Mum made different pies, Bruce made bread and there were lots of goodies going around in the kitchen. The smells were delectable. I refused to budge from the kitchen area.
Don't mind me, I've got my eye on that leg of ham.

Merry Christmas Everyone. Ho Ho Ho.

And have a Happy New Year in 2009.


Sunday, December 21, 2008

Blizzardy Snow Me

Other than those days when we go snowshoeing in the mountains, these have to be the days with the most amount of snow for us at sea level. Even in Seattle where Nanny Lydia lives, there are many inches of snow that have stuck around. It feels like an extra white and cold winter thus far, but I'm not complaining as long as I get to play.
One of the best things about snow? You can bury your face in it.

Hello Mum, I was trying to sniff under the snow... somebody's got to do that job.

Diligently at work, using my super sense of smell, surveying my lands.

Normally I'm a bit overwhelmed by blackberry shrubs and their long thorny tendrils, but I really got so annoyed with this one at our driveway, I tried to drag it away. Mum decided it was best that she do it instead - didn't want me to pierce my mouth working so hard.

We've had some blizzardy conditions if you ask me. Strong hard fat snow coming down constantly.

I wonder if the rest of my Airedale buddies are getting snow too. Time for me to go read their blogs and find out.


Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Joemma Beach

It was truly amazing for us up here in the Northwest to have beautiful sunshine in winter. Yes, we had snow on the ground, and snow all over the place, but the sun was practically shining the whole 2 days since the snowfall. I told Mum there was no way I could just stay home, I had to get my fuzzy butt dirty!!
So off to the beach we went.

It was freezing cold, but the sun shining made the trip worth it. No one else was on Joemma beach but us. There was snow on the beach logs, and it was so still on the water.

Finding nice sticks to chew is a must-do when you go to the beach.

I live in the Key Peninsula, and we are south west of Seattle city. From our house, we have water surrounding us in every direction, we have lakes aplenty, many inlets, many beaches and access to water. I'll have many chances to go frolicking in the puget sound but isn't it funny that I still don't know how to swim?! I still do want to go to the Pacific Ocean again. I went to the pacific ocean beaches several times now in my life, and it's even more awesome.

Devilish grin and crazy eyes!!
Who wants to play ball with me?

Rob does a good job throwing the ball high for me.
I love playing with my bouncy orange rubber ball.

Just because I get to run free on my acreage doesn't mean I get stuck at home all the time.
A terror dale like me needs extreme exercise too sometimes. Mum and I have been riding on the bike and running, but its really liberating to run free on a beach. There's just something so exhilarating about getting as much sand in my coat as possible, and then shaking it out right when you're next to the humans.

Mummy and I

When will I get to go to Agility Class again? I miss going to agility. Mum hasn't found a good local school or club for us to return to our agility sport.
Rob told me to get on a big beach log, and I walked all the way to the edge, balancing carefully, imagining I was on my broad walk obstacle. Rob praised me a whole bunch. Can you see how happy and proud I looked?

Me at sunset on Joemma Beach

There isn't a branch that is too big for me to handle. I think I might take this home.

How about these ones? Not enough to choose from?

Pouncing and bouncing from log to log... Yippeeee this is the life.


First Snow of the Season

This past weekend, we saw our first snowfall of the winter season. I was so filled with glee, I couldn't wait to get outside to play in the white fluffy stuff they call snow.
Brucie prepares a snowball for me, he throws it and I try to catch it. I love eating snowballs.

The snow was coming down hard and fast, and within a few short hours, we had a few inches on the ground. It still fascinates me to see white powder fall from the sky. It is so beautiful. Even Mum couldn't help it but gaze at the wintry sky with awe.

Kimi dashing through the snow...

Hee Hee... this is so much fun!

Rob looking over me, frolicking in the snow on our porch. I'm tossing and turning in the snow, just shoving my face into the white stuff like there's no tomorrow.

The next morning, I woke up to see that Brucie and Sarah had made a nice mini snowman at the back deck. What a cute little fella, I didn't try to maul him.
Hey Mum, you think there's going to be enough snow for us to go snowshoeing soon?


Thursday, December 11, 2008

It's Been a While

Dearest Friends,

It's been a long while since I updated my blog. A lot of things have happened in the last 4 months of my life. And I don't really know where to begin. But I'll start somewhere, Mum and I have moved out, and Mum tells me that Dad won't be around too much anymore. I know I'll miss my daddy, but I also know Mum misses Daddy too. Mum says that as long as she and I stay together, then everything will be just fine. We'll be there to take care of each other. The old pack is now gone, and I'm settling into my new pack.

Instead of living in the suburbs like at our previous house, Mum and I have moved to the country. We've got 5 acres of land where we live now, and I get to patrol and run on 1 acre of it. Our house is warm, clean, safe and dry, and I feel just fine. The country is quiet and peaceful, a good place to heal broken hearts and wounded souls. A lot has changed for me, but Mum is constant, and that's all I care about really.

Here I am sitting in our kitchen. My food and water bowl are set inside here, and the kitchen is a good place to hang out at while the humans prepare food, because I get fed scraps and treats. I get bacon and cheese bits in the morning, and apple or other fruit pieces in the evening. I highly recommend dogs to hang out in the kitchen.

This is the living room where the humans watch tv or play games.

My pack now consists of many more members. I've got Mum (Human), Rob (Human), Brucie (Human), Sarah (Human), Dozer (Cat), Snuggles (Cat), and Isus (Cat). Yes, I now live with 3 cats. 3!! can you believe that?? I've never lived with cats before, and this is the first time I have my own cats. I used to visit a cat, that lived with Alice and Dave, but Nanny Lydia taught me to respect her. Living with cats is a challenging thing, especially because they aren't socialized like me. I'll write an entry about them soon.

My photo taken on my 3rd birthday, 27th Nov 08.
This year, my birthday happened to fall on Thanksgiving day itself. I turned 3 this year. This is me on my favorite couch, checking out the front part of the property.

Mum and I at our front door

Everyone says that I should leave my coat out to grow for winter, and they want to see me bushy like an ewok, so Mum won't be grooming me any time soon. I think this will be the first time that I'm going to grow my entire coat out for the whole winter. It will keep me warm while I am roaming my property out here in the country.