Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Road Trip Down the Oregon Coast

My human has been going through a deep bout of depression and I have come to experience that humans hurt each other immensely. My Mum has been crying indefinitely and even though I do my best to sooth and comfort her, there is only so much a canine like myself can do.

Fortunately, a great opportunity came up for us to visit CA because Rob's parents needed help. The timing was good because it coincided with Mum's 34th birthday, and off we went down the Oregon Coast to be with the Great Pacific Ocean.
The ocean does something to one's soul. It humbles and it awes. Mum felt very tiny and insignificant when she stood by the ocean, but all I felt was jubilation. The wind swept her tears dry, and Mother Nature reminded her that nothing is permanent, even pain and hunger are transient illusions.

While we were at Cannon Beach, a lady was playing "Chuck it" with her dog. Well, "Chuck it" is my current favorite game, and I just couldn't resist joining in the fun.
Mum please let the pain go. Look at me, I'm having a ball of a time because the wind is blowing through my fur, and my ears are flying. Live in the moment.
Rob took a huge kelp plant from the beach and showed it to me. I was very uncertain about it, so I approached it cautiously. He said there was nothing to be afraid of, just give it a sniff, and I'll see. Indeed, there was nothing to be scared of. It was a stinky plant, that's all there was to it.
Another day, we were at Gold Beach, and I met 2 other dogs. They came out of nowhere and started sniffing my butt and invited me to play, and so I did. I didn't even know their names, or where they really came from, but I live in the moment, and so I just joined in the fun.

Then the most amazing thing happened. The mixed breed mutt started playing bitey face with me. Who knew that the mutt knew what bitey face was?! I have been searching hard for someone to play bitey face with me, and not many dogs like that game, so I was so surprised and happy that the mutt came and played rough with me.
We both had a ball of a time. It was SO fantastic.
The scenery at the dock was so beautiful and the sun was shining. Life is great for a dog.
In the evening, we went to another beach, and it was more secluded and quiet. I found a dead seagull and couldn't resist giving it a sniff and exploration.
It wasn't rotting yet, but some parts of the flesh was eaten cleanly off the body. I wondered what ate it. It was definitely dead and so I left it alone.

At the beach, I was given off leash time and I played "Chuck it" with Mum and Sticks with Rob.

There was so much sand and space at the beach, it was awe-inspiring. I decided to bury my ball, and see if that could be a good game.

Hi Mum. Here's my ball. Will you Chuck it for me?

Catching the ball with my agility and eye-mouth coordination.

Beautiful sunset and me digging more holes.
I'm glad I am with my human Mum. She is all that I need. Mum said that nothing else compares with me. Not all the gold and wealth in the world, not all the exotic places to visit, not even food, stability, or other humans can take my place. I am my Mum's first born canine, and I shall always be.
Then suddenly, I caught the scent of horses. I've seen these huge creatures several times before, but this was the first time I saw them on the beach, and I was "off-leash". I just had to investigate and run to them.
Mum and Rob called for me urgently, but I did not turn back. They were worried that the horses might be dog-shy, or kick their hind legs at me, and I might die, but I was smart enough to keep my distance.

Then I turned around, and came back to Mum. She told me very urgently, "No Horses" and I understood what she meant, but I really needed to check them out at close range. I've never been that close to horses before in my whole life. That was quite an adventure.
After all the memories on the beautiful beaches of Oregon, I needed to sleep through the night.
When we entered Northern CA, we went to this place with Giant Redwood Trees. Some were so huge, they were bigger than cars. But the most amazing thing I saw was the elk.
The Elk were about a few hundred yards away and I could see them, hear them and smell them. But I did not utter a single sound, and I never made an attempt to get closer. First of all, I was on the leash, and that meant that I couldn't wander off at my own free will. And I guess, I had to respect elk too. They were huge!! Hmmm... I wonder what elk tastes like. Someday, I'd like to eat some elk.


Friday, September 04, 2009

Blackberries in Summer

Rob and Mum are teaching me to eat blackberries off from the shrubs on our property. They started by plucking the fruit off and feeding them to me while I watch, so I learn how good they taste and how fragrant and sweet they are.
Hmm..... will the thorns bite me? I hate stepping near the blackberry plants because they have thorns on the branches. Rob holds the branch gingerly for me, while I very tenderly use my incisors to carefully bite off a dark blackberry.
Now Mum holds the branch for me, while I learn how to bite off the fruit without getting pricked. I get it quickly, because I love the taste of blackberries. Yummy fruit.
Spending some moments, eating off fruit from the branches on my own, without help from Rob or Mum.
Living in the moment, eating off from mother nature makes me feel very content and happy.
I've learnt that the red berries are not ripe or ready, and I should eat only black ones. The black ones smell richer and sweeter, and I only eat those ones.
Mum feeds me blackberries in a bunch. Yummy. This is the first time I've learned how to eat blackberries off a shrub on my own, and I'm turning 4. A dog is an opportunistic animal, I stay true to my nature, and never pass up a chance to eat something nice.
Thank you Mummy. Lick. Lick.

These little treats are great. I shall never forget to eat them when I am playing in the yard.


A Long Summer

This has been a blissful long summer. The heat has been unusually intense on some days, can you believe we had 100 over degrees in Washington? That probably has got to do with Global Warming, but many politicians and lobbyists are still denying it exists.
As a dog, I don't worry too much about yesterday, I try not to fret about tomorrow either. I choose to live in the Now. This is my moment. I want to live my life like today could be my last day on earth. Who knows when the next Gamma ray from a nearby galaxy is going to vaporize Earth? Who knows when the next meteor will hit Earth, or when the next Super Volcano is going to erupt and change our lives forever?

I want to be in the present, and enjoy my simple life, feel each breath, and every pant. I want to taste my food and savor the flavors. I want to feel the wind on my tongue. I want to enjoy every lick and kiss with Mum and Rob.
I'm going to play Chuck it like there's no tomorrow. I'm going to jump with joy, then catch my ball with jubilee. I'm going to smile and wag my tail to show my humans how much I love them.
Now Mum and I live a very simple life. We don't have many material things anymore. And we have to go to work more frequently, but I love going to work with Mum. I get to meet many canine pals, old friends and new, and I keep an eye on my Mum as she works with them and makes them beautiful. I love accompanying Mum to the Prison where she trains the special ladies in uniforms. They give me lots of hugs, kisses and love. Best of all, they are so calm, and I love their energy. My dog pals from the prison are fun too. They are in training to be service dogs for humans who need them to get by. The simple life is a good life. Getting closer to nature is a good way to live.
I remind Mum daily that it is essential that we live in the Now. I remind her not to be sad. Many human things in her world makes her sad, and Mum cries, but I give her my love and I share my calm energy with her, and she feels better because of me. The most important things in life cannot be bought. They have to be cherished, enjoyed, nurtured, and sometimes, these important things are important beings. Like me.
I love playing Chuck it with Mum. We play it every day. The rubber ball gets thrown a long distance off and I run far to get it. I've also learned a new command, "Catch it" whereby Mum bounces the ball off the ground into the sky close to me, and I jump up high to grab it in my mouth. Its a trick that requires skill, accuracy, eye-mouth coordination, and a lot of strength and stamina.
I just love it!!
Of course, in between games, I also run over to my chicken coop, and I steal some feed from the chickadies. They don't seem to mind, they've got so much food.
I'm getting really good at "Catch it". Sometimes, I jump so high, all my feet are in the air.
Getting ready to catch my ball.
Weeeeeeeeee......... this is fun!!

I love spending time in the sunshine.

We do some yard work and gardening almost every day. We take care of our fruit trees, feed the chickens, tend to them, and also water the vege plots. We do lots of weeding, and take care that the coyotes don't come and snatch our chickens. I survey my property, day and night, and I mark the property boundaries with my pee and poop to keep intruders out. I let the others know I live here, my pee says "Kimi lives here. This place is my place."
What do I do when I get thirsty in the middle of a game? I run to the water spout under my pear tree and I gulp away at the water coming out of the spout. It saves me time from running to my water bowl in the house. Mum thinks I'm so smart to do that. Talk about seizing the moment.
These are some of my best days in summer. The weather is warm, and the nights are bearable. Now I cannot wait for us to go hiking and camping soon.