Thursday, October 14, 2010

Our Daily Lives in Chicken World! Oh No!

Power to the CHICKENS??

Our lives are now intertwined with the chickens in our pack, but do you think the chickens will run our world? The slogan "Power to the Chickens" has been heard being chanted over and over in our yard. We Airedales must bond together and never allow this to happen. How dare the chickens even dare to rule the roost? Here is compelling evidence to prove that the Chickens are plotting on ruling our world.

Photographic Evidence
 Gromit came to stay at our home for a while, and like us, he was also trained to subdue his strong urge to eat these tit bit sized snacks. These pics were taken when the chicks were still growing indoors in a brooder.

 He just laid there, and allowed the chicks to crawl all over him. Oh Gromit, you're a real hunter like Rummy Cub, what happened to your courage?

 As for my brother Rummy, he just has a sick weakness for these feathered creatures. He lost all his nerve and bite for them. The Cochins loved him so much, when he laid down to nap, they would go and snuggle up to him too. They'd burrow into his armpits, neck, belly and butt, between his tail and thighs. I think the chicks may have thought he was chicken mummy or the "hen".

 That's Miss Goldie, a golden colored Cochin with the frizzle gene.
 She and her feathered kind just lopped onto Rummy the moment they see him.

 The chicks stretching out comfortably with Rummy in Mum's study.

 Rummy and all his Cochin chicks sleeping together one evening.

 And that is Ashley, a blue Cochin snuggling up to Rummy's forearm.

 That very special blue Cochin on his neck is Smokey. He is the one who nabbed Rummy's heart.

 That's me. I tolerate the chicks, and I choose to share my world with them, but only because Mum said so. One thing I would not tolerate is the birds jumping up on me, on my back, or shoulder or head. They can hop on my forearm, but not anywhere else. I get up the moment I feel bird feet on my body.
No way am I going to totally submit to mere birds.

 Grandma thinks its funny and cute when the Polish chick jumps on Rummy's back. Gromit watches intently and I sniff at it, but don't let it come near my back.

 You see, that's 3 of us Airedales, made to submit and be calm when the chicks are frolicking around, shaking their tail feathers at us.

 Are we really going to just take it? Among us 3 dales, we could easily eat them all up in a second.

 But no, oh Rummy has to defend them, he has to spoil them, he has to encourage them to jump on his back. Unbelievable.

Gromit grew to love the chicks too. He was also very gentle with them. Am I really going to be overrun by chickens? What is this world coming to?

Kimi and Rummy


At 2:03 AM, Blogger Maggie and Mitch said...

It's truly amazing that you let those chicks perch all over you, Rummy! We are impressed!

Love ya lots
Maggie and Mitch


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