Sunday, April 11, 2010

Visit at the Dog Park

Rummy doesn't get as many opportunities to visit dog parks as I did when I was young. Back when I was a pup, I lived in Issaquah Highlands, where there was a huge 4 acre dog park in our suburb. There in Redmond, which was another suburb close by, there was a 40 acre dog park where Mum used to bring me quite frequently. Out here in the woods, we don't have any dog parks, since most people have their own land, and the dogs mostly don't socialize that way. Fortunately, at the place where Rummy goes to school, there is a nice dog park there, and we go there every Saturday for socializing.

Rummy gets a free rub down from a random stranger the moment he enters

Me climbing on a ramp with a new Boston Terrier friend. He was very well behaved.

Me jumping over a gap on the ramp. This is new, most ramps I know don't have gaps in them.

Hi Mum

Me leaping up the A-Frame

Later on, Rummy and I met a very anti-social terrier, we knew he wasn't well socialized because he snarled when we came close, and kept trying to run away without saying a doggie hi. Perhaps he was feeling intimidated because there were 2 of us. But after a while, we made our introductions and went on with life again.

Rummy with new friends

Rummy learning his proper greetings, and practicing good canine manners

And this is the way to meet other strange dogs. Rummy shows his side to the strange dog, while keeping his tail up (confidence) and staying still till the other dog shows readiness to say hi, note how his tail is tucked under and his slouching body is showing uncertainty. Rummy reads his body language, and hesitates going too fast to sniffing. He is definitely excited and eager to say hi. Perhaps the older lab can see that.

Once the lab relaxed, his tail came out from between his legs, and his shoulders relaxed too. Rummy approaches the older male lab forward with a few steps but to the side of him. Going to meet other dogs gives Rummy and I opportunities where we can practice our skills and doggie manners. 

 Rummy finds a cardboard tube and runs proudly with it, trying to lure other dogs into a chase game.

A female mix, feeling very uncertain seeing two dales at the same time. 

We showed her some attention, but Rummy really liked her. She was feeling overwhelmed so I left her alone, but Rummy and another male kept following her. Later on, Mum suspected she was on heat, because she noticed wet moisture at her swollen privates, and quickly took Rummy and I out, because Rummy is still intact.

What a trip it was. Very fun and relaxing for both of us. 



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