Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Rummy Attending Doggie School

Rummy is now attending The Dog Savant, a canine school opened by my previous trainer from CascadeK9. He is now in Level 2, which is the Intermediate level of Obedience training.

The focus of the training goes beyond the regular, Sit, Down, Stay, Heel commands. At our school, training is more hardcore. We learn how to be social dogs, how to behave with other dogs, regardless of size, and we learn to blend in with the regular world of humans and dogs.
Rummy and I browse through a store at Reber Ranch. Rummy is looking at a sculpture of a full sized horse. He doesn't seem to be fearful at all. My brother is the braver of the two of us.
Learning to walk loose leash even when approached by another stranger dog is very challenging for my younger brother Rummy. He is so eager to go say hi. He needs to learn reservation, because not all strange dogs are friendly, and want to meet him.
Rummy on a Sit Stay, while handler Rob walks away. Our trainer Pascale attempts to distract Rummy.
Taking our training into the parking lot means a lot more distractions, because of other sights, sounds, dogs and people. This is so challenging for Rummy, but everyone is having fun.
All the dogs are on a Sit Stay command, waiting for the Formal Recall. Rummy is doing so well, paying close attention to Rob for his command to "Front".
Walking toward Rob for his Formal Recall from 30 ft away in a crowded parking lot. Good job Rummy.
Getting praised and loved, and treated for a job well done.
The dog next to Rummy breaks his Sit Stay and comes over for a sniff. Rummy allows him to sniff and still doesn't break his own Sit Stay. What a great challenge that was Rummy. Good boy.
Getting love during training session reinforces the bond between handlers and canines. This is what we canines thrive on. Positive reinforcement and an engagement in activity involving our humans.
Learning to walk loose leash is one of the key lessons in our training. A dog pulling ahead is such an unpleasant walking experience for all. I think my brother Rummy is doing well so far.
Yes Rummy, you've got it! See how Rummy pays attention to Rob as he heels by his side. This is wonderful heeling from Rummy.
Practicing the Sit Stay, even though the handler is walking away or trying to distract the dog into breaking the command. Rummy is good at it. He learns very fast. We are all very proud of him.
The "Watch" command, means focus on the handlers eyes, and do not look away no matter what.
Baby Rummy at 8 months of age. His ears are glued for a final time and his chest, neck and head are not stripped out, but the rest of him is. What a weird looking dog, don't you think?
I look on as my brother is in training for a Sit Stay, while the handler moves away for a length of time. I think my brother is tempted to come to me, but he knows better not to.
Walking loose leash is easy.
In our class, we have dogs of many kinds, but most of them belong to the AKC Working and Herding groups, such as German Shephers, Belgian Malinois, Rottweilers, and other kinds of sheep dogs. There is a great proportion of dogs in our class with very high working drives and super intelligence.
The Formal Recall, and paying attention to the handler
A moment of love and praise

Learning to heel in a very tight circle with other dogs, with noses to butts makes the heeling exercise a lot more challenging. How do you resist sniffing the dog's butt ahead?
Weaving through other dogs, as they Sit Stay with their owners. We learn to weave in and out without paying attention to other dogs and humans.
Rummy is doing very well in the Intermediate level. 

I get bored just watching him, and fortunately, Mum includes me in the training too, so I don't just sit there. I give her a look, like "Mum, can we join in the training? I also want to get praise and treats, and feel like I'm accomplishing something. Rummy looks like he's having so much fun."

I've also graduated from Advanced obedience, but going through the exercises can be a good thing and keep my mind challenged and engaged. I love it when my humans get involved with doing things with us. It doesn't matter what the activity is, it could be tug of war, it could be a game of "leave it", it could be "chuck it", as long as our humans are engaging us in activities, Rummy and I just love it.



At 2:19 AM, Blogger Maggie and Mitch said...

Good boy, Rummy! Your hard work is paying off! You are such a handsome boy!

Love ya lots
Maggie and Mitch


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