Thursday, December 24, 2009

Snowshoeing in the SNOW

 Airedales like us are natural in the snow. I just love the snow. Rummy chased me up and down the hill when we went snowshoeing.
 Gromit does the playbow in the snow, initiating more chase games with Rummy. This was Rummy's first time snowshoeing, and I think he just loved it. He covered himself in snow, and never showed any fear when he sunk into the deep snow. He just popped his head out and off he went, hopping like a snow bunny.
 Kimi (in blue), Gromit (in orange) and Rummy (in yellow)
 Rummy and I
Our facial furnishings were totally crusted with snow and it was fun.

 The hike trail wasn't too steep, but the hills we were hiking on were steep going uphill and downhill from us. It didn't stop us from going off trail and frolicking in the snow when we had a chance.
 Gromit kisses me and we put our noses together

 Playing bitey face in the snow is fun too, because even if we tumble and fall, it doesn't hurt.
 Gromit chews on my neck and Rummy does a full body slam on me. Two against one isn't fair...
 Hiking behind the pack leader
 Mum Sheila and us
 Rob gives affection to Gromit because he came when he was called. He stayed close to the pack while we hiked offleash, and showed very good behavior even though he was offleash and formally untrained. Because he is being 'reset' at our home, teaching Gromit to hike nicely with the pack was paramount in inculcating pack mentality. A pack that hikes together, stays together. It enforces the bond and trust within our pack.
 Airedales playing in the snow

 Rummy sitting on the hill off to the high side of the snow trail.

 Gromit says "Hey guys, why are you taking your own sweet time, Rob and I are waiting"
 Hiking nicely behind the other pack leader in an orderly fashion


 "Hey Rummy, what have you found?" Gromit and Kimi look on.
Rummy is closer to his terrier roots than I am. He loves to dig around and bury his head into the ground. Here he seems to have found a scent, he dug himself quite deep into the snow, till his whole head and shoulders could fit in it.
 Hiking uphill toward some icy waterfalls. It was so beautiful. The icicles flowed down and we could hear the trickle of water.

 Kimi looks at Gromit who has just covered his snout with snow.
 Kimi watches over baby brother Rummy
 Yay... this is so fun!! White stuff called snow.
 Hiking downhill


 And then hiking uphill




 Snow covered muzzle
 Rummy Cubs
Let's do this again soon. We love the snow...



At 5:54 PM, Blogger The Airechicks said...

WOW what beautiful pictures!!!!

We like the one that shows all four boys hiking with their backs to us!!!

We have snow too but unlike yours we have no trail or sun and ours is wet very wet - We're having a WHITE OUT Christmas ....

Wish you wonderful holidays - be safe!!


At 2:07 AM, Blogger Maggie and Mitch said...

What awesome pictures and what a fun hike in the snow!
Merry Christmas to all of you!

Love ya lots,
Maggie and Mitch

At 1:09 AM, Blogger Moco said...

What a wonderful pictoral of your day out. It is easy to see that all of you had a great time and we are betting slept well that night.


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