Saturday, December 19, 2009

Yard Playtime

The Orange Chuck it ball is one of the all time favorite ball games for Chuck it and tag games. Whoever gets the ball gets to be chased by the others. Rummy and I love to play it but Gromit is still learning how to play this game. He doesn't seem to play Catch either, but with our guidance, he is slowly learning the game of tag.
I've got the ball, and Gromit is stalking slowly us, trying to figure out what this game is about. 
Gromit says "hey guys, wait for me, I don't know how to play this game".

 Ha, finally Gromit gets the ball in his mouth and he's running. Rummy and I give chase and I think he finally gets what Tag is all about.
 Rummy's turn to have the ball. It is still a wee bit big for his mouth, but that doesn't deter my little brother.

 Let's jump up on each other and play rough.. yay

 Rummy is half the size of Gromit, but he shows no fear. He bares his teeth and instigates a rough game of bitey face. Gromit plays along nicely. He tries his best at bite inhibition and is good at it. Rummy bites his tail and doesn't let go, he chews on Gromit's ear, his muzzle, his neck and all over. He is one ferocious little player. He is game for anyone who is brave enough to play back.

 After a while, Rummy goes to play "Dig" at the dedicated dig site. There is a big hole in the ground where the humans dig to get earth for planting, so the dogs get to dig here too. Rummy loves to dig, and stay true to his terrier roots. I on the other hand, don't really like getting my paws that dirty with earth.

 Gromit follows Rummy into the dig site and tries to get into the spirit of digging.
 "Hi Everyone, I'm Gromit, I'm a year old Airedale, staying here at Sheila's ReBoot Camp".

 Gromit getting sick of the dig site and venturing off

 High speed chase


 Kimi teaching Gromit "Keep Away" with the chuck it ball

 Rummy and Gromit at the gate

Airedale heaven



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