Monday, December 07, 2009

Port Townsend, Washington

 On a cold wintery Sunday, we decided to pay a visit to Port Townsend, a quaint little port town North of the Key Peninsula. The canines were loaded into the back of the car, and the humans took the front, and we all enjoyed an easy drive northwards.
 Rummy tails at the back with Mum, while we stroll the quiet streets after the Thanksgiving weekend. It was very quiet, but there were some people and their dogs walking every now and then..
Gail and the canines

At the newly built pier, we were allowed to roam offleash while no one else was near. It was nice frolicking around in the chilly winter gray. The air was crisp and cold. Fortunately, I had my blue winter coat on, because I was mostly naked on my core saddle from the handstripping. My coat hasn't grown in yet, so I would have been very cold if not for the coat.
 Rough playing never ceases with the Airedales...anytime and anywhere, just bring it on

 Bob and the patiently waiting canines, with the matching bandanas.

 Big brother and small brother.. watching as the people go by...
 Many people stopped to greet the handsome pair of Airedales.. Rummy was very happy and excited to meet a mini human. He watched how Kimi greeted the small human nicely and gently, and followed suit.
 Kimi gives the human toddler a close-in sniff and a kiss... Rummy watches his big brother greet other humans nicely, and learns how to do it. Easy and Gentle does it...
It is a good thing, Rummy is learning not to jump up at humans, and to wait patiently to be loved and shown affection.. he wags his tails from left to right so quickly, his butt shakes. Rummy is learning that humans like to touch heads, chins and come close... even the small ones..
 A stranger then comes up to Kimi, gives him a big bear hug and a body rub, and Kimi takes it in with delight.

 Standing by the big wooden moose with the Welcome sign.. Rummy is not scared of anything. He is learning well, and absorbing the world in like a sponge.
 Rummy loves to stroll the streets, and both Kimi and Rummy enjoy people watching

 Humans and canines
 Mum Sheila and the doggies at the pier

Our immediate pack, Rob, Sheila, Rummy and Kimi



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