Friday, November 20, 2009

Mr Ear Glued

Rummy chills in the living room

He is completely at ease with the fact that he's now Mr Ear Glued, and has no whims and tantrums. I doubt he even really realizes his ears are glued, and doesn't seem too bothered about it. He plays the same, eats the same, roughhouses the same, and sleeps the same too. His ears are not totally glued shut, so he hears the same. There are gaps left on the outer side of the ear and head to allow air circulation to go through. Only the side of the ear touching the head is glued.

Rummy stands in a relaxing position on our front porch as he gazes out for the chickens.
The above photo shows very clearly the crinkles that have started appearing as his wiry coarse hair is coming in. Almost the entire section on the skeleton line is now wiry and the baby fuzz can be found on his flanks and the sides. The tan color is also growing up his front shoulders.

In the background of this photo, you can see the blue tunnel obstacle. It was really meant for human toddlers, but Mum bought it for me, when I was a wee puppy myself. I loved playing with it, running through it, and jumping on it, because it was soft, but I outgrew it quick. Rummy loves playing with the blue tunnel too. He knows I can't run into it, so he runs in there when we play chase and he teases me constantly. Very soon, Rummy will outgrow it too.

Chilling out on the dedicated canine sofa with the sunshine. Notice how the remote control is within Rummy's "mouth-reach", and he doesn't chew on it. That is unacceptable behavior in our pack, and Rummy has never even dreamed of doing that.

There are many rules and boundaries in our pack. Every single thing here belongs to Mum, the pack leader, and it is our privilege to be able to stay here and be safe in this pack. She lets us play with toys, and we have games too, but it is all within her rules and expectations. If she wants the toy Rummy and I are playing with at that moment, she gets it. We surrender all to her. I would say we have a happy fulfilled pack.



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