Thursday, November 05, 2009

Trip to Chinatown

On Halloween, we made a trip to Chinatown to eat and shop for odd groceries. As rawfed dogs, Mum goes to the Asian market to buy us weird food, that most normal american grocers don't sell. Things such as beef heart, chicken feet and other strange bits and pieces. We go to Chinatown about once a month, and Mum eats Chinese food.
Exposing Rummy to the sights and sounds to downtown from an early age is important, since we live in the country, it is very quiet there, it is also important because we want to be able to take him anywhere and everywhere. For him to live a full life with us, we need to expose him to all kinds of surroundings and types of people, so that he can come with us on road trips and other adventures.
Beautiful fall colors in Chinatown
Rummy walked by an alley and could not get his eyes off some pigeons. We ended up humoring him and walking down that alley to get closer to the birds, but the birds flew off when we got close.
Hey Rummy, hurry up won't you?

He was very busy sniffing everything. When the scooters drove by, he was startled by the loud noises of their engines. A Fire engine drove by with its sirens, and it also startled Rummy, but no one made a fuss and no one cooed over him, so he got over those really fast. The loud sounds of the city can be intimidating, but it was precisely the kind of stimuli we needed to flood Rummy to. The more the merrier.



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