Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Rummy's 1st Visit to Petco

In our efforts to socialize the littlest terror dale, Mum and I have been taking Rummy out to all the possible places we could find. One of these adventures included PetCo. Since they are a pet store, they allowed dogs and Rummy showed calmness and ease when we went in there. No big deal it seems.
So there were many strangers there petting Rummy. Everyone was enthralled by this handsome puppy, and some even called him "MiniMe" because he was the smaller version of me. People wanted to know what his name was, they pet his fur and couldn't believe how soft he was. Rummy did his best to behave and greet everyone with a tail wag and a soft lick, but Mum had to remind him not to jump up on anyone. We are working hard to break that bad habit of jumping. It isn't too obnoxious now, but imagine a 60lb full grown Airedale doing that. Uh Uh.. Mum wouldn't allow it.
With ears glued, Rummy took it in his stride to sniff around, and absorb all these weird packaging, sights and sounds. People rolled their shopping carts by, and he saw other dogs, but there was no drama. Mum wouldn't allow any drama of any sort. We don't need any drama canines in our pack. I am just amazed that Rummy managed to keep his mouth closed and not bite into any of the toys or treats that were at our mouth level. He was really a well behaved dog in the store.
Aisles and aisles of treats, toys, dog food, gadgets, bedding, the choices of new things were endless. But we didn't get down dirty and naughty, or rip and shred things apart. We left the things the way they were, even when Mum let go of our leashes and let us be still and calm.
The checkout counter normally means something good. The cashiers normally can't resist my good looks and feel compelled to give me nice treats to eat. Lucky Rummy, he got some free treats too. People see us and they say "Airedales aren't that common up here in Washington huh?" And they're just so happy to see both of us, and most people are in awe to see a beautiful Airedale puppy in particular.

Mum doesn't remember how I was once so small myself. I guess to her, I've been full grown for the past 3 years and those puppy days go by so quickly. That is why she has been diligently taking Rummy's baby photos. In a few months time, he's going to look just like me. I have scores and scores of baby photos myself. I would say, I have even more baby photos than Rummy. The first born will always be the first born. And I am my Mum's first born canine.



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