Thursday, October 29, 2009

Chilling When it is Raining

On rainy days when there is nowhere to go, and no work to do, we chill in Mum's study.
Rummy sleeps on the day mattress on the floor, with his own pillow, and I get the donut bed. We hang out quite comfortably and peacefully in the study. Sometimes we play bitey face here too, but most of the time, when it is wee early in the morning, we try not to make a ruckus.
In these two photos, you can see the vivid contrast in our coats. With the light, you are able to observe that Rummy still has a lot of his baby coat, it is soft, fluffy, and thick, very much like goose downs, or duckling downs or Airedale undercoat, but my coat is coarse, wiry, and even a bit crinkly and wavy as it grows out. This is my top coat, and it helps to repel water, wind and dirt. I also have some undercoat, but it is much less, and it helps to keep me warm in winter. My topcoat is also shinier than baby fuzz, and it is wiry to the touch. When Mum strips out my coat, she strips out both topcoat and undercoat, to give it a 'reset' so that it can start growing out all over again. It helps the follicles to grow out new hair roots which causes my color to be more vibrant and rich.
With the change in season now, Mum is deciding if she should strip me now, or wait till Jan. She is trying to time it right, because it takes about 6 - 8 weeks for my hair to grow out perfect. In between the different stages of stripping, I look really odd and naked in different parts. She said she'd like for me to look great during the Christmas holidays, and to do so, she'll have to strip me now. But at the same time, the weather is getting colder as we speak, and perhaps she should let me grow out my woolly coat and look silly like an overgrown Ewok. We shall see how long she is able to endure letting me look so bushy. Mum doesn't like it when I look bushy, she says I look so untidy.



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