Wednesday, October 28, 2009

The First Grooming

"You know, I'm not so sure about being on this high table" Rummy says.
"Hi Mum, do I really need to be on the grooming table? You're going to pull hair out? It won't hurt? Ok I believe you. Oh? I get lots of treats while I'm up here. Ok"
Look at all the fuzzy hair that needs to be pulled out (handstripped).

Rummy, pre groom
Getting introduced to the pumice stone, Rummy tried tasting it, and he didn't like it too much

Hmm... which should I choose? Pumice stone, or dried beef?
It is so much easier to be trained early on the grooming table. The earlier, the better. A lot of dedication and hard work from both humans and canines will have to go into training Rummy to endure long hours on the table as we go along. Especially if he may be a show dog in the future. But for a start, we will work, little by little, and supply Rummy with tonnes and tonnes of treats. That way, he will associate the table with treats, affection, attention, love and good fun.



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