Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Rummy's 11 Week Old photos

Rummy turned 11 weeks old 2 Saturdays ago, but Mum has been incredibly busy, so she hasn't had time to update all his entries into my blog, so here goes, better late than never.
Rummy looks more tan than I was when I was his age.

His ear set is a little low, and Mum will need to rectify that by gluing his ears up a little higher so they don't set so low. Notice how the lower tips of his ear leather lay down, lower than his eye level.
"Glue my ears?? Are you serious? Will that hurt?" says Rummy

No it won't hurt. Lots of terriers get their ears glued. That's how we get perfect ears Rummy. It may be a bit uncomfortable, but you get tonnes of treats and bones as a distraction, and you get used to it after a while. Besides, the glue falls off slowly over 2 weeks, and you won't even notice it. I had it done to me too, when I was little. See the photo below, that's me. I can't believe nanny Lydia used pink wrap on me, I'm a boy!Kimi's ears were glued by Nanny Lydia when he was little

Rummy has a very good looking face. Mum says that he might have to be shown in the Show Ring if he turns out really well, we think he has to be as good as the epitome of an Airedale if we're going to show him. Oh boy... that's going to be a great challenge for Rummy and Mum. It's going to be tough maintaining his coat for show. We'll see how Rummy turns out in a year's time.



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