Friday, October 23, 2009

1st Night Home in Lakebay

Its been a week, and we've finally settled into our own home. Ahhh... bliss in the country again. Ergghhh.. NOT!! Look at the little terror, he's in bed, showing me his puppy teeth. It's a good thing Mum got him his own dog bed, but he won't be using it in the bedroom, because he's still being crate trained.

Its been said, unless Rummy is fully toilet trained and has learned to notify the humans he needs to answer nature's call, he isn't going to be allowed to sleep like an adult in the adult dog bed. Ha! Ha! Ha! Pants Kimi. Rob says its going to take a while for the young one to be 100% toilet trained, but so far so good, he's been about 90% good and has been running to the door to be let out. Smart little cookie.
This is my current favorite toy, it has a piece of cow hoove on the rope with knots. Rummy loves it too, but I'm good at sharing my toys, so I let him have it.
Ok Rummy, I'll let you chew on my toy while I nap, but watch it, its still mine, see how I'm holding on to my toy?
There are tonnes of toys around, but I'm pretty good at sharing. I don't have issues with toy possession whatsoever. I'm sure Mum wouldn't allow that, so I won't even try. I doubt she'll let Rummy get away with that bad behavior either. All the toys belong to her, its our privilege that she shares them with us. She does these mind games with us, playing toys with us, and then demanding for them back, and then freeing us to play again. She's teaching Rummy to "leave it" already, and he's getting it.
Zzzzz.... Thanks friends, I'm taking all your advice and I'm catching as many Zzzs as I can. Rummy is quite good at leaving me alone when I rest. If he tries to jump on me, I growl to let him know, this is not acceptable behavior, if he insists on it, Mum steps in and does the 'touch' correction and she says "Leave it" and he leaves me alone. He won't try to challenge her, not yet anyway... Awwww... its going to happen.. sooner or later.



At 2:12 AM, Blogger Maggie and Mitch said...

Your mom sounds totally on top of the situation, Kimi! Can I send Mitch to your house so that he learns some manners and will share MY toys with ME?!

Love ya lots,
Maggie & Mitch

At 7:00 PM, Blogger The Airechicks said...

Thank Dog Mom's there to reinforce the off Kimi growl....But we've already guessed Rummy is a very smart boy ...Rob needs to give Rummy some credit about the potty training - maybe we should ask Rob's Mum how long it took him to figure it out????

Rummy, very nice boy to listen but showing you sharp little pup teeth in bed is PRICELESS!!!



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