Sunday, October 04, 2009

Meeting the Litter

Mum had been telling me for a while, that we'll soon be adding a new member to our pack, and finally, one morning while we were in CA, she told me the day had come for me to meet the puppies. I've met many puppies of all breeds before, so this wasn't a big deal for me. Right in front of me, 7 cute little versions of myself, and they were so eager to meet me.
I'm saying "hi' to Tiffany, a nice lady who was helping to care for the pups, and out of the corner of my eye, I see Mr Blue and Miss Pink keeping a close watch on me. They seem very curious about me, and can't wait for me to get close to the pen. Every time I go near the pen, a group of the pups rush to meet me, and I'm feeling very happy that they are so friendly. I wonder which of them will be my brother.
Mum takes out Miss Yellow first, for me to say Hi to. She wants to know if I'd like puppies, but mum, I love puppies and dogs of all kinds. I thought you already knew that. Miss Yellow is curious about the world outside the pen, and sniffing her butt, I could tell she was really young, female, and ate kibble for lunch and dinner.
Roxxi (in the red collar), my sister came by to keep an eye on things. But there was nothing she should have worried about, or the humans for that matter, because I am the most gentle dog with the puppies. I sniffed them and mostly left them alone. I didn't want to scare them or be rough with them. I could tell they were really small and I needed to be careful around them. Besides, there were far more important things to sniff around the yard, like Angus's scent, and other dogs who had been there.
I'm eager to meet the pups, but also a little unsure about how to greet these small creatures. Its tough sniffing their butts because they are so wiggly.

Mr Blue and Mr Red keeps a close eye on me while I advance to meet them.
Rob carried Mr Orange, and I look lovingly at him. Such a small little creature.
When Mum invited me into the pen to say hi, the puppies immediately swarmed to my belly. They were trying to suckle on me, as if I was a female dog, like their mama. They were very shocked to find out, I did not have any milk for them, and though I look like mama, I was a totally different dog. The look of awe and surprise on their faces was priceless.."Aww.. this big dog smells different to mama"
After they tried to suckle on my belly, I tried to get away because those baby teeth are sharp. A few of them thought my peewee was a nipple, and I definitely felt teeth "Ouch". Although this was happening to me, I was still gentle with the pups. I didn't growl, I didn't stare, I didn't project any negative energy. I moved away while trying not to step on the babies.
After a while, they got it. They moved their focus to my butt instead, and learned good doggie manners on how to meet other dogs. These social skills are important for baby dogs to learn, so I'm glad I was there to help a little. These 7 puppies were relentless, they kept sniffing my butt and peewee non stop. I think they really liked me.
Hey Mum, the puppies are coming at me....where can I run to?
So I decided to make a good example of myself, and I stood still, so they could have a good thorough smell and investigate my scent, and discover who I was, where I come from, and I think they were also discovering that I was male, I turn 4, and I eat raw food, and I lead the good life.
Hey Mum, am I making you proud of me? I'm being so tolerant and good with all the puppies.

After our initial introductions were made, some of the puppies couldn't get enough of me. They followed me, and came to my face. They were kind and respectful, and I loved getting their attention. They slowly sniffed my face and my beard, discovering that I had raw meaty pork rib bones for dinner the previous night. Mr Green, Mr Blue and Miss Pink took turns smelling my face carefully. I just stood perfectly still so they could have a good whiff.
Mr Blue says "I love you"
Mr Blue wants more of my smell, so he went to my butt to learn more about me.
Mum and I do not know which of these pups will be my new pack member, but I do know its going to be a baby brother. I hope he will have good energy like I do, and boy oh boy, he's going to be in for a ride of his lifetime. I will be a good big brother to him, and teach him all the skills and good manners that will be expected of him. I hope he will love me too.



At 9:01 AM, Blogger Maggie and Mitch said...

We have no doubt that you'll be the best brother ever, Kimi!
OMG, how do you choose? They are all so adorable!

Love ya lots
Maggie and Mitch

At 12:31 PM, Blogger The Airechicks said...

OMDog - Look at all those fuzzy faces -

Kimi you might want to sign your new brother up for Doggie Daycare at least until he looses all those baby teethies...

OUCH !!! You are very gentle and nice to the little ones....



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