Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Turning 11 weeks Old

My baby brother Rummy just turned 11 weeks old 2 Saturdays ago. And as it is the norm, Mum takes weekly photos of us while we are kids, so that she can juxtapose our pictures to see how we evolve and grow out of our puppy phases into adulthood.

Above is a composite photo of myself, and my brother Rummy. Both pics were taken when we were just 11 weeks old. My my!! How I've grown! I look so different now.

From the pics, it can be observed that I had a lot more black hair, than Rummy does. Rummy started turning tan much earlier than I did. However, I do think we both look very similar, other than our colorings. Very soon, Rummy will lose all the black on his face and ears, and turn tan.



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