Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Socializing the Littlest Terror

Rummy at the nearby grocery store checking out shopping carts

A lot of work goes into socializing a young puppy like my brother Rummy Cub. When I was little, I also endured the same treatment, from the time I turned 8 weeks old, Mum resolved to expose me to something new every single day till I turned 4 months old. It was very hard work, but she took me out from our house and allowed me to explore the world. Now she is doing the same thing with Rummy.

It is important to widen our world view, and broaden our perspective of what the universe encompasses, to absorb and experience, different scents, sights, textures, sensations, sounds, people, elevations and places. The more we get exposed now, the better we become as well-balanced calm dogs. The more socialized we are, the more places we get to go as adults and the more we get to experience of the world. It would really suck to stay at home caged up like prisoners.
Rummy and I on a "Climb" at the stores.
Rummy is getting bigger and heavier by the day. Soon, Mum won't be able to carry him any longer.

"YAHHHHH!! This is the best" Says Rummy
While Rummy waits with human Dean, I escort Jumbly to come say hi to my baby brother. We were on a visit to Rob's brother Steve's house. There are more friendly and well balanced dogs there to say hi to. Our own neighbours are not too dog friendly.
The more well balanced dogs that Rummy gets to meet now, the better. That way, he learns to be canine friendly to his own species and not to lose his identity. Rummy is learning to be polite and friendly to all kinds of people and dogs.
Meeting Bailey and Finnigan.
Finni is also a puppy, but older than Rummy. When they were playing in the backyard later, Rummy started doing the humping motion on Finni. This was the very first time anyone had seen him try to dominate a new dog friend. We were all so shocked. He was trying to assert his dominance on someone else from outside our pack. I guess he knows he's the omega dog in our pack.
Dean and Rummy in Steve's garage/workshop

Dean thought that Rummy is one of the most mellow puppies he's ever met in his life. To a certain extent that is true (he should see the littlest terror in our home). Mum picked out the most mellow puppy she could find in Rummy's litter, and based her decision on the energy levels she detected in all the pups. She also based it on how the pups interacted with me. Her choice was to find one who had a constant interest in me, and kept following me around. Rummy was the most consistent pup who was always near me.
Whenever I go over to Steve's house, I get really happy to meet Japhy. Japhy belongs to Steve, and he is a very old dog. We all respect, adore and love Japhy immensely, because he is so balanced and calm, he is almost human. Plus, he is fed kibble and when I get access to his food bowl, I gorge myself on all the kibble in his bowl. No way am I letting Rummy get any of this kibble treat.
Japhy examines Rummy for the first time, while Rummy stays still for an inspection.
Rummy gets a treat from Steve while Japhy's watches
That's a good Rummy boy. He shows respect for older dogs and for humans too.
It is necessary to let Rummy get used to loud noises and strange events.

Dean and Steve were cutting firewood, and Rummy was intrigued. He sniffed Dean's axe and gets praised for being so brave.
And while the men are hard at work, chopping away, he watches from a distance from Mum's side. Mum won't let him get any nearer, but I got to get closer to watch the action.
Rummy doesn't show any fear, at the loud axe cutting down the wood. He is one brave cookie. Perhaps it is also because we were all calm and normal. We did not cuddle over him or coo at him, or make a fuss. We just acted like it was part of a day's work and loud noises are normal.
Another day, Mum took us to Home Depot. She was looking for earplugs, and took that opportunity to bring him to a neutral place and expose him to giant human tools and things. There were many people walking around, and some people petted Rummy and gave him treats. He greeted everyone nicely. There was also a huge machine on wheels carrying huge crates around, and it made loud beeping noises, and Rummy took it all in stride.
The more we saw, the more he accepted as part of the normal world. There was nothing that seemed to faze him.

When it started to rain again, we were glad that we were going home.
Yay, it's time to go home.
Rummy rides very well in the back of the car together with me.
Mum is able to leave us for a short while, and goes into the stores to run errands. So far, no worries. Rummy and I take naps in the car while we wait for Mum to return. She's crept up to the car window to find us sleeping many times. I think I set a good example for Rummy. He does what I do.



At 1:16 AM, Blogger teresa said...

oh my goodness! you two look so cute in that last picture! i so wanna just reach over and give you boys a huge huge and kiss!!!

At 9:32 AM, Blogger The Airechicks said...


You boys are just the most handsomests...

Good job Rummy - experience anything and everything - that way the WHOLE WIDE WORLD is open for you!!!

Nice job Mom - love the weekly photos of the boys.....Our Mom got us and we were already 2 years old so no baby pics but we're just a cute now....


At 3:43 PM, Blogger Maggie and Mitch said...

We've never been to Home Depot, Rummy! You are sure lucky! We just love the pictures at the beginning of the post with your mom holding you! Such beautiful pictures!

Love ya lots
Maggie and Mitch


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