Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Early Mornings

In the early mornings, after Mum takes Rummy out to answer nature's call, we proceed to work in her study. Ok, Mum works, and we play and take naps.
When Rummy naps near his crate, I keep watch over him and I snuggle close. I love my baby brother, and I feel protective over him. He's tiny and he needs a big brother like me.
Kimi snuggles close to Rummy while he naps in the living room

Back in Mum's study, we take turns napping and playing, and chewing on old cardboard tubing. These things are fun. I have taught Rummy not to swallow any of these shredded papers. He just follows my example and mimics whatever I do. The trick is simply to play, chew and then spit it out. It's also fun watching Mum clean up the shredded papers.
These pics are a week old, see how his fuzzy hair is all over. He hasn't been groomed yet, very soon, all his puppy fuzz is coming off.
Another main thing to play with is the bubble wrap. Mum saved these when they came in a package and I hate them. She let Rummy have them, and she was trying to teach him how to burst them with his teeth. He wasn't afraid of the pop sound, but I was. I made sure I wasn't close by. I stood at the door watching him.

Crazy puppy eyes..

Isn't it amazing that Rummy hasn't chewed up any of Mum's precious books, magazines, DVDs, and stationery? It's all at Rummy's teeth level, and mine too, and for the very few times, Rummy did attempt to chew on book covers and book spines, Mum gave him a big clap and yell "No" and he got the message quick.
Now we just leave them books alone. We've clearly established the boundary in the study - Anything on the shelves belong to Mum, anything on the ground is fair game. Anything made of cardboard is also fair game, they are by default, Airedale toys.
Rummy and I

Rummy has so far learned our pack rules and boundaries very well. There is so mistaking who the Alpha in our pack is, and that's Mum. I get to sleep in the comfy donut bed if I choose to. He can sleep on the floor.



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