Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Roughing it Out

Before we even consider Rummy's show potential, and all the mumbo jumbo of the politics and intricacies of the show world, my main role in life now is to make sure Rummy has a wonderful childhood, we want him to grow up healthy, balanced, playful, and leads a full Airedale life, that he is meant to.
While the sun shines in Washingston state in the Fall, it is a shame not to get out there and tumble in the grass. As the saying goes, "make hay while the sun shines". In this case, "let the Airedales play while the sun shines". Humans can learn a lesson or two from that.
A canine hug equivalent perhaps? Let's rub our necks together. And then let's play rough.

"I'm going to get you" says Rummy. Let's play chase. Chase combined with the game of Bitey face is great fun.
Bitey face can be played standing up, sitting down, or laying down. What a versatile game.
"Grrrrrhhhh.. see my sharp piranha puppy teeth?"
"Ha!! Ha!! Ha!! I've got sharp adult teeth too Rummy, watch out!"

"Awwww.... I'm only playing, I'm just a kid, let's play some more."
"Ok, let me show you who's the boss around here." Mum is encouraging me to "Get it, show him".
Wow the puppy's teeth are really sharp. He jumps up and nibbles my cheeks, grabs my beard, pulls on my goatee, chews on my ears, and I just let him.
My oh My, look at how sharp his teeth are...
Rummy can be quite the persistent little puppy. We can go on like this for hours in the sun.. if we were allowed to. When I've had enough, I put my foot down and I tell him in no uncertain terms, enough is enough. And he leaves me be.
"Oh, let's play some more, please?" begs Rummy

I love having a baby brother around to play bitey face with. It is hard for me to find someone who is up to this challenging game. You've got to find a dog who knows bite inhibition, and the main rule that no matter what, bitey face is just a game, it's not meant to be serious. Most dogs don't know this game. But all the Airedales I know love this game.
Bitey face entertained Rummy for quite a while, until he found a pile of ash to play in.
Hmmmm... Rob left the burn pile outside, and the ash is fun to dig in.
Who loves to dig in ash? This stuff is fun.

Staying true to his terrier nature, Rummy loves to dig - yes he loves to dig the earth, dirt, ash, and grass too. I think he can smell the moles and gophers on the property, because I've seen him try to dig to China.



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