Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Planting Tulips in Fall

October is a good time to plant tulip bulbs, and while Mum and Rob were busy preparing the earth for planting, Rummy and I made sure we were there to supervise and get involved. Rummy made sure all the bags of bulbs were lined up and ready to go, and I made sure he wasn't in the way.
Hmmm.. what is this?
Rummy is in his exploratory phase of puppyhood, where anything and everything needs to be investigated and understood. Mum allows him to approach her gardening tools and lets him do his thing, sniffing and tasting about.
Ha, is it digging time?
Yes Mum, Rummy and I are here to help dig. Remember, we are the professional earth diggers.
And on and on, Rummy digs and digs. Mum lets him enjoy himself, and he got himself very very dirty. We dug the earth, loosened the soil, removed large rocks, added lots of horse crap, and chicken poop fertilizer, and the earth smelled oh so good... yummy canine perfume.
Rummy sits in his hole. He seemed pretty proud of the hole he dug. Look at that smug face!

The most amazing thing was that he restrained himself from rolling in the good poop smelling earth. Even more amazing was that even "I" restrained myself from rolling in the good stinky earth.

Rummy laying under the wheel barrow.
When Rob came out with the loud grass cutting tractor, Rummy was initially a little reticent. He hid under the red wheel barrow and then when he saw that I was not fazed, he slowly approached the tractor to have a sniff. Rob turned the machine off so he wasn't too overwhelmed, and he gained confidence soon after he realized, oh, this wasn't anything to be afraid of.
All in all, Rummy did very well for the first day of working on the property. He dug holes like he was supposed to, he helped me supervise what was going on, and made sure he had lots of playtime with me, and sniffing and running about. We didn't chase the chickens, and we didn't make too much trouble for the humans. Rummy wasn't scared of any of the large gardening tools and he wasn't overwhelmed by the loud tractor either. He just took everything in his stride, but I suspect it was because I took everything in stride, and the little bugger was just imitating my behaviors. If I didn't react negatively, he didn't either.



At 10:38 PM, Blogger teresa said...

what is with that "one leg up in an awkward position" stand about? Rummy looks so funny!


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