Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Rummy's Food Stashing Habit

We noticed something very funny with Rummy. While eating his meals, he would carry off a few pieces of meaty bones and hide them away for a later snack. His food stashing antic is not new, as many canines in the wild would do the same thing, but I suspect, he does this thinking I would not eat all his food that he cannot finish, and if he stashes them away, he could return to eat them later when he was hungry.

He hides them behind the sofa couch.He hides them behind the curtains.
He hides them under the dining table.
He even hides them behind the speakers behind potted plants.
He finds these little crooks and crannies and hides his leftover food all over. Mum lets him do that with a few pieces of food here and there, and he does return to eat them an hour or two later.
Unfortunately for Rummy, he hides his food and most often than not, I eat them. I think its a game, and I use my fantastic nose to find where his stashes are, and then I go eat them all up. Ha Ha Ha.



At 10:13 PM, Blogger teresa said...

that is so funny! i have never heard of dogs stashing away their food aroudn the house. i thought only squirrels do that! hahah! LOL!


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