Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Rawfeeding Rummy

Rummy gets breakfast, lunch and dinner, but our most heavy meal of the day is dinner.

As a full grown Airedale myself, I eat only once a day, to be precise, only dinner. And more and more, Rummy has been following my lead. He eats less during the day, because I don't seem to eat much, and then he gorges himself at night with dinner. As such, Rummy takes a while to finish his whole meal, because of the raw meaty bones he needs to chomp down.
Notice how Rummy loves to drag all his toys with him to the dinner area in the kitchen.
He is such a baby, he carries all of his toys with him into the kitchen, so that he can eat his food while he is surrounded by his soft toys.
We each get our bowls of the same meals everyday, but Rummy shows me respect and canine manners, by letting me choose my food bowl first. After Mum places the food bowls down, she puts us on a "Sit" and then she makes us wait. After she 'frees' us, I start eating at the food, chomping down on the selected meats and bones that I like, and then when I move off to take a break, Rummy moves in to pick out his food to eat. At this point, the humans are adding Colostrum and probiotics to our food, to help Rummy's digestive system create the correct bio environment to digest raw food.
To date, Rummy loves to eat raw chicken, raw beefy ribs, raw pork ribs, raw mince beef, raw mackerel, raw sardines, raw eggs, raw baby carrots and some greens.
Like myself, Rummy also loves fish, but we both don't like fish guts. Yummy mackerel.
Rummy and I taking turns eating out from 2 shared bowls of mackerel. We are not allowed to show any food possessiveness or toy possessiveness, and we share everything.
Rummy happily chomping down on raw meaty bones.

Rawfeeding came naturally to Rummy. He did not show any hesitation or fear with the raw food from day 1. Because his baby teeth are so small, it takes him a long while to eat his food, but our humans are always making sure he has enough to eat. Rummy is also very good about chewing and chomping down the bigger bones into smaller manageable pieces before he swallows. Thus far, he hasn't had any choking or regurgitating incidents, and this is a good thing. This means he is taking his time to eat properly. I'm glad rawfeeding is suitable for Rummy too, now it will be so much more convenient and easy that we are on the same diet.



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