Wednesday, November 04, 2009


Rummy trying to steal a grape off the vine on our property.

Grapes are not good for dogs because there is some chemical in the grape skin that is bad for us, but I guess Rummy had to satisfy his curiosity.
Mum let us sniff at the grapes on the vines, but I didn't try to steal one, although I do steal blackberries and strawberries.
Yummy, nice purple grapes ready for plucking.
Kimi and Rummy
I am a good nanny and puppy guardian. I keep a good watch over my baby brother.
While we survey our property together, I keep a close watch on my baby brother, to make sure he is safe and not in any trouble.

Mum and Rob have now fenced in an acre out of the 5 acres we have, so that we are completely safe, there are coyotes in our area, and 3 of our chickens have already been nabbed. We wanted to make sure Rummy was totally safe and had our acreage fenced in so he couldn't get out to the street or go into the neighbors' properties. This will keep our chickens safer too.



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