Thursday, November 05, 2009

Crabbing at Joemma Pier

Rummy and I, on the pier

We went crabbing on a sunny Monday at Joemma Park pier with Rummy for the very first time. This was the first time Rummy was seeing the sea, and because it was very very cold, Mum didn't want either of us on the sea shore running and getting nasty dirty, so she kept us on the pier, where we were putting out crab pots and trying our luck.
Within 20 mins, we got our first catch, just tiny crabs that weren't good enough for humans to eat. Mum gave me one, so I could have some fun with it. I love eating crabs too. Raw of course. When we go crabbing on the sea shore, I actually do my part and watch the crabs in the pails. If they tried to escape, and crawled out, I would sound an alarm bark, and Mum or Rob would come and put it back in. I get tonnes of praise when I do that. I do my part when we go crabbing. We all have our roles to play. I would also follow Mum into the chest deep water and search for crabs. I learned to swim in this way.
Rummy also wanted to have a share of the raw crab, so I gave him my leftovers. The crab was young so its shell was soft, Rummy didn't have any trouble chewing on it. In fact, he liked it very much. Yummy good sea saltiness.
He was right in the middle of things constantly. He just had to be involved in preparing the crab pots, putting in the sardine baits, tying the buoy, putting the pots into the water. He was so curious about everything, he just wanted to be part of everything.
That's a very healthy sign of a happy curious Airedale puppy.

Rummy was enjoying himself, roaming around on the elevated pier off leash. He was never straying too far, and he stayed close to the pack which made it easier to keep an eye on him. It was also nice that the pier was very quiet.

Peering off to the sea, soaking in the sunshine

That's me, I love going to the sea and the ocean. Because we live on the peninsula, we are surrounded by the Puget Sound. The sea water surrounds us and we are not far from sea-oriented activities. Its a shame that it is so cold here, otherwise, we'd be swimming more often.
I watch on, as Rummy follows Rob with another crab pot to be put into the water

Canines helping out with crabbing. So this is how we catch crabs..

"I'll run over here, and then I'll run over there.. so much to explore" says Rummy

A boat that looks like a barge came by to dis-assemble the end of the pier. It was called the Thunderbird. I watched it as it moved easily on the water.
Running with my flying ears.

Rummy running

Rummy barely fits in Mum's arms anymore. He is now 13 weeks old and already 20 lbs. He is 2 lbs heavier than I was at this age.

Rummy trying to play with the buoy

Looking out to sea

Shall we play ball mum?
Later on, Rob managed to catch a nice big red rock crab for dinner. He put it on the pier for us to see. Of course, I loved to play with it first.
Rummy wasn't too sure about what to do with the crab. It had huge pincers, and Mum had to keep an extra close watch on Rummy, she kept turning the crab around so Rummy could get close to it without getting pinched.
This was really Rummy's first time seeing a large real life crab at such close range. He was very brave in his approach. No fear at all. The crab was bigger than his head.

Rummy and I, taking turns playing with the crab. The crab would soon be dinner.

All in all, it was an adventurous day out. It was sun and fun filled. What a great day. No one got hurt by crabs, and everyone was happy because the sun was shining.



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