Friday, November 20, 2009

Sir Rummy Humps-A-Lot

At the tender age of 14 weeks, Rummy's testosterone is coursing through his body. He started humping Barney in the middle of the living room, out of nowhere. We were all caught by surprise. Mum decided to let him hump Barney, as long as it wasn't too obsessive. Who would have thought? Rummy humping!!

I never humped a single thing in my whole short 4 years of life. I never humped toys, or towels or blankets before I got fixed. Nothing. In Rummy's case, no one taught him to do this, and he is probably just exploring his adolescence and letting nature take over. Mum debated about whether to allow this behavior, and decided to let nature win. Rummy wasn't hurting anyone, or offending other dogs or their owners, and this is normal behavior. As long as he wasn't humping any human leg, or me for that matter, then it is ok if he wants to hump Barney. Just because this act seems indecent to human social etiquette, doesn't mean it is indecent in canine social etiquette. Our rationale is, as long as Rummy does it to Barney or his own pillow, that is acceptable. All other living things is out of the question.

It is very humorous if we think about it. My baby brother, humping Barney. The sight is quite funny don't you think? Fortunately, he has jumped Barney only once, and he also did it to a pink dog pillow in Mum's study. He seems to like pink since the pillow is pink and Barney is pink.



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