Friday, November 20, 2009

Tunneling in the Sunshine

While the sunshine is a rarity in the Seattle Fall and Winter, it comes every now and then and we seized the opportunity to play outside. Mum took out the blue tunnel so that we could play in the sun and the dry grass.
Rummy loves to run through the tunnel. He learned to run through the tunnel within 5 min of Mum introducing the tunnel to him. With Rob's help calling his name at the end of the other side, and Mum encouraging him to go through one end, Rummy learned that running through the tunnel is a fun thing to do. He got lots of praises when he ran through and had treats too, so he quickly associated the tunnel with good playtime.

Running through the tunnel helps to prepare him for future agility classes, and it helps him gain self confidence and spacial awareness. He also seems to understand that the tunnel is too small for me, and I can't go through, and he loves to get me to chase him and he runs into the tunnel to hide from me. He comes out the other end to bait me, and we have a lot of fun with it.
Rummy with my ball in his mouth, about to run into the tunnel again and keep the ball away from me

Oops, Rummy is making a fast escape!

As you can see, the tunnel also makes a great obstacle that he makes use of, to keep me running in circles after him.

Hey Rummy, give me my ball

Rummy play bows to me, with my ball in his mouth

Running through the tunnel with my ball

Yes finally, Mum makes Rummy give up the ball to her, and she tosses it into the air for me to do a "Catch". Catch is one of my favorite games to play.


Yes, if you've noticed the empty patch on my back, I will tell you that I've just been handstripped by Mum. This is Stage 1 of the stripping process. It will be another 3 weeks before Stage 2 commences. I have become so shaggy and messy looking. Mum doesn't like me looking like a messy ewok. I am normally handstripped as you know, but the last time I was groomed, we were about to head to the Oregon Coast and to the ocean, and Mum clipped me so I couldn't hold so much sand in my fur. Now she has to "reset" my coat so that I can look optimally fantastic.

Rummy and Kimi
Mr Glued Ears

Jumping on the soft tunnel is also one fun game.

Arroooo Roo Roo Ar Roo Roo means give me my ball back

Mr Glued Ears tempts me with my ball to bait me to chase him

Running into the tunnel is fun

Later on, Rob and Mum started planting tulips in the yard to get them ready for Spring next year. He used a rotor tiller to help save time, and it made such a loud noise. It was good to expose Rummy to loud machines and he wasn't scared at all. It is very good to make him a fearless dog.
Rummy rolls in the grass in perfect bliss, while over looking Rob hard at work with the rotor tiller.

Dogs at play, human at work

As an Airedale, it is my job to supervise all human activity, and I make sure Rob hasn't missed a spot. I watch over him and give him moral support by following him around.

My furriness is overwhelming the features on my face. You can barely spot my eyes. Very soon, I'll have more fur stripped off too. The Fall season is nice only when the sun shines. The air is crisp, clean, clear and wonderful. We love being outside.

Mum cannot resist my deep brown eyes. You can see them best in the sunshine.

Rummy's side profile



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