Monday, December 07, 2009

Rummy Getting Ears Glued Again!

Koa and I, gazing out the big window

 It was time to get Rummy's ears glued again. This is the 2nd time we're gluing his ears. As we've mentioned before, Rummy's ears need to get glued because they are at a low ear set. To have perky beautifully set ears, an Airedale tends to have some periods of his adolescent life with ears glued.
 Rummy and Mum, Sheila
Mum glues Rummy's ears and then sets it in yellow vet bandage. (At least he got the yellow one, I had pink when it was done to me ages ago) The vet bandage helps to keep the ears in position while the glues gets tacky and sets, and it seems to calm Rummy down, and stops him from scratching the ears immediately. It gives him something else to think about.
 Koa goes to Rummy slowly, and examines him. He sniffs Rummy's head gently and senses that he is in a calm submissive mood, and he's doesn't seem to be in any distress. Ok, Koa doesn't have anything to worry about.
 "Ha Ha, I'm just fine Koa" says Rummy

 Rummy and I on the dedicated canine couch

 Koa has one ear sticking up and one ear sticking down. That's what makes him special and cute looking. Makes him look like a perpetual puppy don't you think? Koa is my age (4 years old), so ear gluing won't help him any longer, but if he were a young puppy, his ears could have been set upright so that they set normally like an adult shepherd's, or like the Dobie's and Schnauzers.
Don't worry Koa, no one is going to glue your ears...



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