Monday, December 07, 2009

Getting Ready for Christmas

The weather outside is hitting the mid 30s for the day and low 20s at night, it has been freezing. But where is the snow? We're all waiting...

 Mum decided to put us in Merry Christmas garb to get into the mood, and she got trigger happy one day, while Koa was still at our house... what fun... but Rummy is so bored, he's falling asleep quick.
 Oh no, Koa is falling asleep too. Oh Mum, when will this all be over?
Christmas is a special time for Mum. This was the happiest time of the year for her, when the tree would be lit up and she could gaze at the twinkling lights and listen to happy Christmas carols and songs. Almost everyone speaks with a more cheery tone, and people are nicer to one another. I wish Christmas could be everyday.
The happy Trio
Kimi, Rummy and Koa

Happy Holidays from us in Washington



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