Friday, November 20, 2009

Our Phone Line got Cut & Rawfeeding Rummy

In a severe winter storm, our phone line got cut. That meant no Internet or Phone for a few days. Rob called the Phone Cable Guy and he came to remedy the situation.

Rummy and I watching over the repair process.

We were kept in the house, so that we wouldn't cause any interruption, but the great position of the dedicated canine couch afforded us the best views of the property, so we didn't mind at all being kept inside. The weather outside was yucky and miserable too. Rob and the Phone Cable Guy worked out in the grey cold weather. Didn't seem fun to me.

Rummy on his comfy perch

Rummy watching the humans work

He remains calm and at ease, despite a new human being in our yard. Excited barking behavior is not accepted in our household. He can observe and watch, as long as he behaves within the acceptable limit.

Brothers relaxing together on the dedicated canine couch.

Another thing that canines in our household is allowed to do is chew and munch on cardboard.
Instinctively, Rummy and I do not swallow the bits and pieces. We just love the cardboard center for toilet rolls, and kitchen rolls. We get them every time the humans change toilet rolls or kitchen rolls.
I don't know how Mum manages to train us not to swallow these things, perhaps it is mother nature, perhaps it is our instincts telling us these things can't be eaten, or it could also be that we are never hungry, and we have our fill to eat, and therefore, never feel the urge to swallow small items. Nonetheless, we are still supervised when we chew cardboard. It makes a mess, but Mum accepts that, and she throws away the bits and pieces later when we've lost interest.
Other than cardboard, Rummy goes and takes his food piece by piece out to the throw, and munches his raw meaty bones on the nice throw. This is acceptable behavior in our pack, and so he has time to slowly chew on his food and take his own sweet time.

Rummy munches and chows down on his raw meaty bones while relaxing with the family in the living room. Because he has his baby teeth, it takes Rummy a very long time to chew and finish all his food.

Munching on raw meaty bones is very healthy for the jaw development of a puppy. Studies have shown that the constant chewing on hard objects, like his raw meaty bones sends pleasure signals from the jaw into the brain and triggers canine relaxation and pleasure. There is a wonderful satisfaction in munching on your own solid food which gives immediate feedback to the teeth and gums. Also, it helps Rummy's development of his adult teeth. The tougher food massages his gums as he chews on his food, and helps stimulate healthy blood flow to the gums and as a result, promotes healthy growth of his adult teeth. The chewing action also strengthens his jaw muscles as he grows and develops his powerful jawline for his adult head, and helps with the correct structuring of his ear set. All in all, there are so many great reasons for rawfeeding a puppy. Finally, we are also meeting Rummy's instinctive need to chew, and what better way to teach a puppy what is acceptable to chew on, and what is not.



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