Monday, December 07, 2009


Thanksgiving came and went, and we didn't even get a chance to say Happy Thanksgiving to all my friends here on the blog. I'm so sorry, but we've been busy at home.

Here's a Belated Happy Thanksgiving to all from Rummy, Kimi and Koa

Kimi and Rummy wait patiently for Bob to slice up the turkey
The kitchen is where everyone congregates to prepare food and that's where you'll find the canine bodies laying around.

While we wait for food to be cooked, I lay down in the living room, listening to happy chatter and human voices all around me. 

 The Christmas tree was set up on the 25th Nov, exactly one month before Christmas day as it is my human's family tradition to have the tree set up as soon as possible at a logical timing. Rummy had to be taught to leave the tree alone, and he was very tempted to bite and chew on the ornaments. Quite a few times, the humans had to verbally and physically correct him. Mum used her "finger teeth" and firmly corrected him at his shoulder, and she said "leave it" and he did. But they had to do it several times for him to get the message. Koa and I just left the tree alone, this wasn't the first time we were celebrating Christmas.
 Koa waiting patiently for Bob to finish with the turkey...such soulful eyes.
 Rummy and I chilling out in the dining hallway

  I know my furry face is covering up my eyes and my other features, Mum is in the middle of handstripping me. A lot of my friends and family like my furry face cos it looks like a bushy teddy bear, but Mum doesn't like it. She said it made me look sloppy. What do you think? Clean looking or messy looking?

 Rummy chews on the new cow hoof toy bundled into the rope. He loves that toy because he is teething.
 Our friends and family came over, Steve, Sergay, Bob and Gail
 Rummy and Koa give loads of love to Steve because he's such a cool dude.
 Rummy chewing on cardboard

We had turkey, yams, steamed veges and a warm cozy simple family dinner. We didn't have any snow this year... looks like we'll have to head into the mountains for the snow.



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