Monday, December 07, 2009

Playing in the Garden with Koa

While Bob and Gail were out gallivanting, Koa had to wait at home with us. We took the opportunity of clear skies and went out to play for an hour or two.

 Rummy on the porch, Kimi on the driveway and Koa in the background

 As usual, Rummy has lived up to his name as a terrier, and dug up some ferns that were growing nicely on the earth. I think the humans had intended to use it for decorations somewhere.. but Rummy ruined it.
 He took his time sniffing and exploring the huge blanket of ferns
 and then proceeded to tear it all up and shred it into smaller pieces.
 Koa watches from the side, and wonders what this puppy is up to..
 Happy Rummy trotting away from his misdeed

 Hello, who's going to throw the ball for us?

 Standing side by side.
In a few short months time, Rummy is going to be as tall as Koa. In the past, Koa was also the first shepherd dog to live with Rummy as we stayed in his house in Manteca in October when Rummy was only 10 weeks old. Koa and Rummy remember each other and have a great time together playing.
 Koa is a great canine teacher to Rummy. Koa and I take turns to teach Rummy basic canine manners, we help each other stay in touch and in tune with our canine language. It is very necessary to expose Rummy to as many canines as possible, so he learns that dogs come in all shapes, sizes, ages, and temperaments. Not all adults can tolerate a puppy like Rummy and he needs to learn the proper manners so that he can be an all-rounded Airedale.
 Rummy gets to run with the big boys like us, but he learns to give way and defer to us if we want the ball, and he understands to give up his toys when we want it. We take turns passing the ball around and taking turns to play chase and catch me if you can, with the ball in our mouths.
 Rummy goes for my jugular. He loves to nip my at neck, and every now and then, Koa corrects Rummy to let him know, enough is enough. Koa interjects when I don't, and I think Koa is very good at helping me out. I tend to be very tolerant with Rummy because it is my nature to be a bit soft. I do correct Rummy, but not often enough, and not forceful enough. I have a feeling, Rummy might be more dominant than I am when he gets to adult age.
 Comparing jaw sizes and vocalizing at the same time. Koa watches us with the ball in his mouth, trying to get Rummy to chase him. Koa's favorite game is chase.
 "Grrrraaaarrrrr" Here comes Rummy the Airedale Terror
 Play wrestling with my baby brother
 Rummy finds a bug to toy with and explore..

 The happy trio, Rummy, Koa and I, smiling for Mum's camera

 The bushy look
Rummy loves to dig, and we allow him to. There are many areas for him to dig, but he loves to dig in deep at the tree roots. The pine trees are his favorites. He tries to bury my nice chuck it ball, and Mum has to keep taking it back out after Rummy tries burying my special toys.



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