Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Gromit Comes to Stay

 Gromit is going to stay with us for almost 3 weeks. Rummy and I are both extremely happy he is here, but we have different reasons. I am happy because that means I get a break from Rummy, and Gromit is a good distraction for him. Rummy is happy because he gets a new bitey face pal and he can rough house with Gromit and they get along well and play superbly together.
 Rummy and Gromit baring teeth, jumping on shoulders, play biting, playing dominance games with one another. Gromit is 1 and Rummy just turned 5 months, so they are closer in age. That may explain why they have such explosive energy for each other.
 Play bowing and showing growly teeth at the same time means "I mean no harm, we're just playing"
 More obvious play bowing accompanied by growling and baring of teeth going on here....

Ok, laying down and playing bitey face gives us both a time out and yet we're still playing rough.. cool
 Rummy jumps on and pounces on Gromit. Gromit loves it.
 Rummy displays his ferocious set of teeth

 Gromit jumps back and Rummy is in hot pursuit. This can go on for hours with Airedales...
Everyone on a down. Gromit is on the leash indoors because he needs to be 'reset' and relearn all the human rules and boundaries. He needs to gain our trust, and build a bond with the alpha (Mum) and do everything expected before he gains his indoor freedom.

The next morning, the usual routine goes on, and Gromit must learn how to go on the treadmill just like every does.
 Gromit watches as Kimi shows him how it is done.

 Hi Gromit, you look relaxed and happy. You're going to be next on the treadmill.

 Gromit needs a bit more time to watch. He munches on a knuckle bone as I trod on. If he sees, hears and senses that the energy in the room remains the same while the loud machine is on, he will associate that this is normal behavior, and is what is expected.
In the afternoon, Gromit learns to step on and step off the treadmill while it stays turned off. On and Off, On and Off, he is getting used to the sensation of the belt under his paws, and the feeling of getting on this machine. He is a big boy, Mum will have a much harder time teaching him how to do it.

Stay tuned for Gromit's "Re-boot" experience at our house.



At 5:26 PM, Blogger The Airechicks said...

Oh Boy - sounds like BIG PAWTY at Kimi & Rummy's place...

What a nice visit for Gromit and looks like a house full of very tired 3 WiseAiredales - which is always a VERY GOOD THING!!

Can't wait to watch the adventure...

Have wonderful time - poor Rob - he'll miss rough housing with the boys...


At 2:45 AM, Blogger Maggie and Mitch said...

Gromit is one lucky boy to be staying with you guys for 3 whole weeks! What fun!

Love ya lots,
Maggie and Mitch


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