Saturday, December 19, 2009

Training the "Watch" command

 Mum sits with the 3 of us, with endless hotdogs shredded into tiny pieces as reward.

She tells Gromit to "Watch", but she doesn't attempt to hide the treat from him. She waits till he figures out how to get the treat. By looking at mum in her eyes, she says "Free" and he gets the treat reward. The more we practice, the faster he gets at doing the "Watch", responding quicker and getting the treat faster too.

Mum takes the opportunity to train all of us together, because I already know these commands, and Rummy has also learned all these commands. The fact that Rummy and I are learning together aids Gromit in learning it faster too because he is watching us set the example. He learns by watching us. He is such a smart Airedale. Gromit has also learned the "Leave it" very well. He won't touch a treat right in front of him, unless he has been "Freed". Such a good dog he is.



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