Saturday, December 19, 2009

Sharing Bones Together

 Rummy has the knuckle bone, and Gromit wants it. He play bows to Rummy to try to get it. "Hey Rummy, please share the bone with me" says Gromit.

 After a day of play, bitey face, chase, and running on the treadmill, the boys knock out at the dedicated canine couch. Gromit and Kimi take the top, and there's no more space for Rummy.
 Gromit surrenders in play to Kimi, the more alpha of the 3 boys. He bares his belly and shares a smile, being totally vulnerable and trusting. Gromit says, "I'm just a puppy Kimi, I'm not a threat, I may be taller than you, but I surrender to you".
 The boys strewn all the toys around the living room, and the best pals return to each other, taking turns gnawing at the same yucky knuckle bone.
 Rummy watches and waits for Gromit to get tired of the bone, and he keeps a close eye on the bone. He can't coerce Gromit to surrender the bone because he is younger and smaller, so he waits there patiently till Gromit gives it up eventually.
 Still waiting.....
 And more waiting...   Gromit is doing very well, to tolerate another dog being so close to him when there is such a prized bone to chew on.
"Mum, will I ever get my turn?" Rummy wants the bone so badly. Good things come to those who wait. It is amazing to watch how close their noses can get together, while they wait for each other to tire of the bone. Only a few inches apart, sharing each other's breath, and the scent of the bone.



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