Saturday, December 19, 2009

Learning Table Manners

 From left, Gromit, Rummy and Kimi
All waiting for the release command to eat.

 We all learn to eat close to each other.

 Gromit chomping down on a large pork rib bone with meat.
He uses his molars to chomp the pieces into smaller pieces easier to swallow. The meat goes from his left jaw to the right and back, until the piece gets smaller and smaller.

 Gromit learns to eat while Rummy comes very close to him, and he doesn't show any signs of food possession or aggression. He is polite and compliant in spite of Rummy being so close to his own food bowl. This could be also because Rummy and him are now chums.
 Gromit tolerates it, as Rummy goes through his food bowl. Learning to share by eating out of each other's bowls helps reinforce good pack behavior.

Bowl swapping



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