Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Update with Rummy's Chicks

This is an update blog entry about Rummy's experience with his chicks. 

Our chicks have grown double in size, and now they like Rummy!!
They are not afraid of him, even when he sticks out his tongue to lick them. 
All the chicks love Rummy, and take turns going up to him, and peck on his nose, they pull his fur too.
All 4 chicks taking turns and gazing at Rummy. This is a cute twist, from the inside looking out, and outside looking in. 

We still aren't sure if Rummy is trying to eat them, or if he pushes his nose as close as possible toward them so he can be close to them.. He loves to go up as close as his nose can push through the gaps and let the chicks peck him. It is very cute to watch. I think he enjoys the interaction.

Our chicks are growing so fast. We have to keep them indoors till the weather warms up, then the humans will start introducing them to the outdoors and let them stay out a few hours each day to get acclimatized to Seattle's Spring and Summer.
This chick just pulled on Rummy's fur... can you see? It is lucky it doesn't get a wet tongue licking it.
The chicks are clearly saying something to each other.. "oh, its the big black nose and furry monster again... let's peck at him"

That's our last remaining hen from last year. She survived winter, coyote attacks and being alone for so long without chicken buddies. Soon, our chicks will join her, and they can be a big happy feathered family. 

 She gets her own bird food, and pieces of fruit when she comes to our porch. Most of the time, she likes to eat bugs and insects from the yard.

After she was done eating, Rummy decided to chomp on some chicken feed. Eeewww...

"Oh hi mum, yes I'm eating bird food he he he..."

Headrubs and wet kisses,


At 5:18 AM, Blogger The Airechicks said...

We can see why the "CHICKS" like Rummy!!



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