Monday, November 15, 2010


Yesterday, Rummy and I attended a special event called Barksgiving. It was a lunch party for us canines. We went to a doggie restaurant and got served a 5 course lunch. 
 Rummy sniffing Karla's butt, just to check what she had for dinner last night.

 Gromit and I, sniff a new long sausage looking dog. 

We could tell it was going to be a fun filled event, just by the sheer diversity of dogs there. It was a sniff fest too for us, and we had a lot of fun. The event was also for a good cause, as we were raising money to help build and establish the offleash dog park in Kirkland.

 I think the best part for us was meeting all these new dogs, and having a ball of a time together. There was a lot of butt sniffing going on.

 When we were finally seated in the restaurant, it was odd, because this time, dogs were sitting on chairs too. We waited patiently for our delicious food, and we were all very well behaved.

 Mavy (on the right) got a new baby brother, Merline (left). He is also a field springer very young, and from Springer Rescue. He is SO cute, everyone wanted to carry him.

 One of the oldest canine guests at the event was Lady (also from Rescue). She owns Megen (the human) and Lady came so beautifully dressed with her string of pearls, and a nice colorful necklace.

 Mum and us. (Kimi on left, Rummy on right)

 That's Mike and Hamilton. Hamilton is wearing a very nice autumn themed bowtie.

 Doggies on comfy couches and socializing nicely

 Rummy (right) and I waiting patiently and behaving nicely.

 Baby Merlin was very interested in me. He came over, and smelled my beard and kissed me. No doubt, he must have smelled the deer that I just had for dinner last night.

 Mum with baby Merlin. He was such a mellow baby. One of the cutest springer babies we've ever seen.

 After a short wait, the appetizer was served. I just went straight for it, but Rummy was a little hesitant. We are not accustomed to eating off plates, and most definitely not off tables, so Rummy was a bit reserved about this new eating manner. He was holding back, and waited for Rob to hand feed him and let him know it was ok. After Rob said "Free" I was helping myself to my food, with no help at all.

 Rummy being very happy about being allowed on the table.

 What a happy boy

 Baby Merlin (left) and Mavy (right). Aren't they adorable? They seem to get along very well even though Merlin has only been with his new pack for such a short time.

 Lupe and Clancy (wheaten terrier)

As you can tell by now, the event was predominantly Airedale being the majority. It just so happened that the event had a few meal seatings, and all the Airedale buddies wanted to dine together, so we went for it and made it our own Airedale party too.

 Rummy's favorite buddy, Gromit and his human Laura. Gromit is such a happy go lucky fella.

 Our pack

 Clancy and his human, Karla

 Clancy even jumped up onto the table at one point, but since it was a doggie party, no one made a fuss.

 Hmm... a meaty soup with yogurt and a meat stick. We didn't like it too much..

 But look, Lupe seems to enjoy it a lot more. As usual, the Airedale beard is soaked after drinking.

 No, we tried it, and we don't like it.

 The main course was turkey, mash, and carrots. 

 It was such a small serving though... it was like bite sized. Do you know how much food Rummy and I eat everyday? This was nothing. Not even a teaser.  We eat about 2 lbs of food every day, this lunch was really just a little appetizer compared to what we eat normally.

 Rob needed to hand feed Rummy, because he was hesitant to eat off the table and plate on his own. This is not how we do things at home, and I guess, he just needed that bit of encouragement to be bad.

 Yeah, the humans said for this time only, it was ok to eat off plates off the table.

 Even Lady had Megen serve her the food.

 Clancy was just grateful to be with his human and have the individual attention and love from her. He shares his human with 2 other Airedales, Chester who was too old to attend, and Lupe, the new kid on the block.

 Dessert came in the form of a muffin for everyone.

 Every dog was waiting so nicely for their humans to peel off the wrapper for them.

 Rob needed to handfeed Rummy his muffin too.

 Gromit and his human Laura.

 After the lunch experience, we went out for an impromptu group shot.

Try and count and see how many Airedales you can spot in this picture. 

Kimi and Rummy
(answer: 6)


At 4:58 PM, Blogger julandmatt said...

Wow, what an interesting excursion. I think I would like to eat off a plate. I certainly try to every darn day....

At 2:57 AM, Blogger Maggie and Mitch said...

How fun to be allowed to sit on a chair at the table with the hoomans and eat off a plate! That's livin'!

Love ya lots
Maggie and Mitch

At 7:23 PM, Blogger Sherry said...

I wish I'd known there'd be so many ADTs there. Maybe next year!


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